Motown legend brings 77th birthday concert to St. John’s shell
July 12 2018
Yes, that Martha Reeves, of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, the most buoyant of the girl groups of the Motown era, the honey-sauce voice that sang some of the 1960s’ greatest hits: “(Love...
July 12 2018
Driving down the lakeside curves of Bath’s Park Lake Road and a slight wind uphill takes you to Park’s home, where he’s lived since 1980. A peek around the corner of his house draws the...
July 12 2018
“We started off as a coffee roaster and the café was intended to sort of supplement and be a catalyst for the roasting end,” said Field. “But the café became what most people...
Friday, July 13
July 12 2018
“We are really trying to give all of these businesses the ownership to bring in whoever they want and make it whatever type of event they want,” said Rupp. “We will promote it and they...
How rice native to Michigan was phased out by time
July 12 2018
In the oral tradition of the Anishinaabeg there exists a prophecy that the people would follow a sign moving inland to avoid the long boats of the European invaders. The prophecy said the people would...
July 12 2018
The Over the Ledge Theatre’s production of the Rodger Bean musical spotlights a female quartet that performs at their 1958 senior prom and subsequent 1968 class reunion. The first act showcases ‘50s...
July 5 2018
A woman lays on the ground, eyes closed — bright red sunglasses perched near her head. Her eyes are painted a bright purple, and there’s a large tattoo visible on her shoulder. Her name is...
July 5 2018
The airy practice rooms, rehearsal halls and gathering spaces for students looked spiffy but fairly functional on the easels, but Burseth, his fellow students and MSU faculty scrutinized them avidly, like...
July 2 2018
The ballots have been scoured, the scores have been tallied. Finally, we are ready for the 2018 Pulsars. Leading the charge are the Owosso Community Players with 24 nominations and the MSU Department of...
June 28 2018
Ben Daniels, the son of actor/musician Jeff Daniels, brings his band and headlines a free outdoor show at the William E. Tennant Performance Shell at St. John’s park. His sound, which spans Americana,...
Friday, June 29-Sunday, July 1
June 28 2018
The play starts the morning of a big meeting with these bankers that will change his life, but start happening to him that ruin his day, continued Willis “His daughter announces that she is pregnant,...
June 28 2018
This summer, City Pulse will feature local art on our cover for up to eight issues: June 27-Aug. 29, excluding our Aug. 15 anniversary issue. Submission guidelines: Anyone living in Ingham, Eaton or Clinton...
June 28 2018
The proposed sticker, which aims to appeal to consumers searching for produce grown as close to home as possible, will identify specialty crops that are grown on urban farms no larger than 2 acres in size...
June 28 2018
2018 Pet, Wagon & Bike Parade Children ages three through 12 are invited to create costumes and decorations that reflect the Independence Day celebration. Ribbons will be presented to all participants,...
Downtown Lansing’s ArtPath is a quiet delight
June 28 2018
Feel-good whimsy meant to sedate you into shopping, hodge-podges designed by committees, space-fillers under bridges to intimidate homeless people and skateboarders — there are many ways for art...
June 28 2018
The committee overseeing the piece on its path to installation, which includes members the City of Lansing, Downtown Lansing Inc. and Lansing Economic Area Partnership, have described their vision as “welcoming,...
A tour through James Oliver Curwood’s castle
June 28 2018
Once you’ve visited the castle of author James Oliver Curwood (1878-1927), built in Owosso on the banks of the Shiawassee River, you will have a better understanding of the man
June 21 2018
Since the late 1990s, Cardiac Arrest has been a fixture in the Chicago death-metal scene. While the band’s lineup has changed over the last two decades, it’s still managed to release four albums...
June 21 2018
While the majority of Crunchy’s karaoke night clientele are college kids or alumni, Feighner remembers a 60-year old regular named Dennis. For over five years, Dennis would come by himself every...
June 21 2018
“Friday night, we celebrate our community with a Lansing night,” Whitaker said, and he wasn’t just whistling the Spartan fight song