A face-up display of the top gift books of 2017
Dec. 14 2017
Schuler’s books in the Eastwood Towne Center displays best sellers on a table just inside the door. Manager Rhoda Wolfe said patrons are turning books to which they object, flipping inflammatory...
Dec. 7 2017
When Terry Terry started his creative communications firm, MessageMakers, 40 years ago, he was still in college and not far removed from the years he spent as a hitchhiking thrill seeker
Dec. 7 2017
Enter Bob, aka Dr. David Steinberg (Michael Lopetrone), an occasionally employed actor who doubles as an escort for older ladies. He’s not Jewish, but it turns out he’s a pretty good actor,...
Nancy Pearl’s ‘George & Lizzie’ is racy and deep
Dec. 7 2017
Nancy Pearl, a graduate of the University of Michigan who lives in Seattle, is a librarian with national chops
Lange Choral Ensemble gets and gives the Christmas spirit
Dec. 7 2017
After months of hard work and a tricky end run around a collapsed church wall, the annual Christmas concert by the venerable Lange Choral Ensemble is finally nigh. A tradition for more than 40 years, the...
‘Finding Neverland’ stars TV veteran John Davidson as Captain Hook
Dec. 7 2017
B u t the true roots of the story which recount playwright J.M. Barrie’s creation of Peter Pan — harkens back to the early 1900s
DeWitt coffee-roasting wiz details the process behind your cup of joe
Dec. 7 2017
Walking into the small production space at Craft & Mason Coffee Roasting Co. in DeWitt, the first thing you notice is a sweet coffee aroma lingering from past roasts
Co-founder Bob Fish reveals the secrets behind Biggby’s bigness
Dec. 7 2017
It’s not hard to understand how Biggby exploded from one East Lansing café in 1995 to 230 franchises this year, with another 12 slated to open in early 2018. Just check out a famous scene...
Underground reunion stirs up Lansing music history
Dec. 7 2017
Mittwede flew in from Austin, Texas, to be at the reunion. He answered every greeting with a nervous quip, but was obviously moved by the sight of so many old friends. He had an advance copy of Delavan’s...
Two Intimate one-acts showcase student actors for one night only
Dec. 7 2017
In addition to character work, the actors had to figure out what to do with extra space. “As a rehearsal tool, I would have the students take thirty seconds for each pause and one minute for each...
Arts Council party features City Pulse auction for 2nd year
Nov. 30 2017
On Tuesday, works by local artists will go up for auction at the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s annual Holiday Glitter and Applause event. It’s the second year in a row that City Pulse featured...
Nov. 30 2017
It took much longer than he expected — two years in all, between other projects. Everybody thinks that when they retire, they can putter together a children’s book. Kimble found that polishing...
Education veteran Dan Pappas recharges on the stage
Nov. 30 2017
It has been 38 years since Dan Pappas first treaded the boards of a theater, but he remembers the show with fondness. At 30, he was cast in “God’s Favorite,” a modern retelling of the...
Blues and rock collection is a gallery and history museum rolled into one
Nov. 30 2017
For 30 years, an obsessive Cooley professor has built up a staggering collection of posters, photographs, original art and odd objects that jump across the history of blues and rock ‘n roll, from...
Nov. 30 2017
Last week I told you about Sahara Delight, a new Middle Eastern restaurant that had a sneak premiere at Silver Bells in the City earlier this month. This week, the new eatery will have its first full week...
From the Austrian Empire to laser tag, Vienna Boys Choir rolls keeps the tour bus rolling.
Nov. 22 2017
Another tune, “Mambo Italiano,” calls for a half-shouted, half-sung “hey.” “Everybody plays soccer,” he tells the boys. “You make a goal, yell ‘Aaaay.’”...
Capital Ballet Theatre mounts 37th 'Nutcracker'
Nov. 22 2017
Sunday was the troupe’s last day of rehearsal at its Old Town studio. The crew moved the show into the Wharton Center for rehearsals Monday, complete with an impressive flotilla of scenery and costumes,...
1920s holiday bash at Broad Museum raises funds for river cleanup
Nov. 22 2017
Imagine strolling along the banks of the Red Cedar River and coming across a live performer playing music, a beautiful outdoor art installation, or a kiosk where poets’ work is on display. Imagine,...
Nov. 22 2017
Sometimes, the best gifts under the tree aren’t the biggest ones. Sometimes, they come in an envelope and appeal more to the experiential side of the holidays rather than the capitalistic side. These...
Nov. 22 2017
If the time-honored saying that dog is man’s best friend is to be believed, then including the pet as a member of the family is just a natural progression of the thought. A quick glance at the store...

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