Aug. 3 2017
Preservation Lansing is accepting nominations for 2017 awards History lines the streets of Lansing in the form of buildings constructed in an era past. Today, those remnants, and the work done to maintain...
Aug. 3 2017
Kazumi Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar opened last month in Holt. The traditional hibachi-style grill took over the location of Famous Dave’s, which closed last December. Metro Lansing’s newest...
Local community center showcases new art
Aug. 2 2017
Tonight, the Cristo Rey Community Center got a makeover. It unveiled a mural which now graces its outer wall. The improvement makes the community center a part of more than 100 urban revitalizat
Lansing Art Gallery searches for new Education Director
July 31 2017
If you’ve walked through downtown Lansing on Washington Square, you’ve probably noticed the Pop Up Art exhibits placed strategically along the way. These kiosks are presented by the Lansing
COATM D with Ken
Film shot in Lansing screened at home
July 29 2017
Johnny DeMarco as "Tommy" in Confidence of a Tall Man.Photo by Dan Irving. Mid-Michigan takes the big screen this Sunday at Tavern & Tap. A special showing
July 27 2017
-- July 28 As a young emcee from California, Sareem Poems started the hip-hop group L.A. Symphony, describing the outfit as “the west-coast Wu-Tang without the profanity and drug addiction.”...
July 27 2017
2nd Annual ‘Mint by Midwest: Barnaroo’ music fest in St. Johns Saturday, Aug. 5 @ Uncle John’s Cider Mill, 8614 N. US-127, St. John’s. All ages, FREE, Noon. Created last year...
July 27 2017
Detroit's lasting battle scarsMichigan remembers the riots Riot, rebellion, anniversary, commemoration; each of these terms could have been used to describe the 1967 Michigan disturbance. It left 43 dead,...
July 27 2017
Beyond the naked eye Growing up, Vincent Brady couldn’t stay away from the camera. Since he was 6 years old, Brady said he has been naturally drawn to photography, casually taking photographs...
July 27 2017
Up-and-Comer visits Mac’s Bar Mac’s Bar will host an emerging one-woman band, pronoun, on July 28 as she passes through on her first concert tour. Alyse Vellturo, the solitary member, created...
July 27 2017
A look at some of the best recent works docmenting the Detroit Riot of 1967 With an event that altered both Michigan and the nation’s landscape as deeply as the Detroit riots did, numerous new...
July 27 2017
Versatility impresses in ‘Murder for Two’ It was a murder mystery, comedy, musical and farce. “Murder for Two” was also one killer of a show. The Williamston Theatre’s...
July 27 2017
A prominent Lansing decorative vegetation business is being transplanted to a new location. This will make room for a massive, new indoor market space. This month, the last of the plant care paraphernalia...
The Lansing Bike Party organizes educational pool party to save Moores Park Pool and Pavillion
July 26 2017
Courtesy You can mix preservation awareness with a day at the pool tonight, with the Lansing Bike Party. The Moores Park Pool, despite being open all summer for swimmi
REO Town 2
LEAP will aid in renovation of REO Town properties
July 26 2017
Mayor Virg Bernero announces plans to renovate REO Town properties at 1101 and 1103 South Washington Ave. They will be home to Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale along with Wheel House Studio—a ceramic...
Dusty's Cellar hosts Lansing Food Bank fundraiser through July 31
July 24 2017
For the week of July 24 through the 31, if you get dinner at Dusty’s Cellar, 10 percent of your purchase will go to the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Greater Lansing Food Bank is a non-profit
July 22 2017
Kick of your Saturday night with a show! The Robin Theatre will host Michigan-based group War & Treaty. They play a mix of folk, bluegrass, soul and gospel music.Tickets range from $10 in advance
July 21 2017
Gifts or CreaturesCourtesy Photo By KATE HABRELLANSING — What do you get when you combine Great Lakes history, folk music and Michigan musicians? In this case, Brandon and Bethany Foote’s upc
July 20 2017
A woman’s journey of self-care The slam of the door, the chatter of people, the hiss of the espresso machine. Imagine doing something as mundane as going to a coffee shop while being unable to filter...
July 20 2017
A review of some of Instagram's most popular health trendsSugar Bear Hair The website promises healthier hair with a $30 bottle of 60 vitamins. Basically, these little blue gummies contain biotin, folic...