Nov. 22 2017
Donations have been given by members of the church, community members and businesses. Along with the basket giveaway, Trevino also does a 50-mile walk to gain sponsors and raise money for the church. Every...
Nov. 22 2017
Stay within your budget. Even last-minute shoppers have holiday shopping budgets. But it can be harder for last-minute shoppers to stick to their budgets because they have less time to comparison shop...
Nov. 22 2017
For last week’s annual Silver Bells in the City event, two new restaurants near the parade route officially opened to the public, while a third — an overhaul of a Lansing mainstay — offered...
'An American in Paris proves to be a timeless classic
Nov. 16 2017
Timeless is one of those words that gets tossed around for older movies and shows. But “An American in Paris,” the musical now running at the Wharton Center, really is timeless. It may be based...
Lansing Symphony, choral forces try to gel in baroque concert
Nov. 16 2017
Re-discovering the music of Bach, Vivaldi and Handel in all its intricate transparency, you have to wonder: Why aren’t there more large-scale baroque music concerts? After many nights of romantic-era...
French Horn Folk Tales blends a variety of genres
Nov. 16 2017
Grand Rapids Symphony veteran Mary Beth Orr will be performing a fusion project along with three other distinguished artists on Nov. 21 at the Cook Recital Hall. The program fuses two unlikely genres of...
'Misanthrope' thrills
Nov. 16 2017
If the descriptors “classic” or “spoken in verse” usually scare you away from the atre, fear not. Michigan State University Department of Theatre’s current production of “The...
Michael Smith writes a book about Detroit architectural legend, Wirt Roland
Nov. 16 2017
It’s likely Detroit’s architectural gems, the Guardian Building, the Penobscot, the Buhl and the General Motors Building, looming over the city like art-deco cathedrals, helped land Detroit...
Monte Pride Trio to release debut at Robin Theatre
Nov. 16 2017
This Saturday, the Monte Pride Trio will have their debut performance at the Robin Theatre, and they are bringing a lot of local flavor into their music. The namesake of the show, Monte Pride, is a folk...
Joe Hertler and Rainbow Seekers perform at Silver Bells in the City
Nov. 16 2017
Now, the event has grown to include the lighting of the State Tree, a community sing led by the Steiner Chorale, ice sculptures, fireworks behind the Capitol, live performers and an Electric Light Parade...
Nov. 16 2017
The family’s original Cancun Mexican Grill opened in 2004 at 1754 Central Park Drive in Okemos, just east of Meridian Mall. Acapulco Mexican Grill will take over the 5,000-square-foot former home...
Nov. 10 2017
LANSING — The Upper Peninsula has been omitted from at least two maps of the country this past year. When an online ticket marketplace left it off an interactive map in June, a customer support...
Nov. 9 2017
One day, I thought, instead of putting in sweet vermouth into a Manhattan, I thought I’d put in some Aperol, and it was great. Also, I like an IPA, and I’m willing to try any kind of IPA. I...
Nov. 9 2017
Regardless of your interpretation, American Fifth Spirits is doing it – creating seasonally inspired concoctions like their previously described “Turkey Feast,” or their “Bourbon...
Nov. 9 2017
The juxtaposition of this serene and peaceful set with the oppositional razzmatazz of the feverous, dervish-like opening dance is accompanied by a threeman thunderstorm of riotous, agitated, klezmer-esque...
Nov. 9 2017
The audience on opening night learned quickly what the “tragedy” Anna Owens’ “Directors Notes” referred to
Nov. 9 2017
A sparkling, supple piano style and a deadpan, self-effacing manner make Kressler the least sensational of subjects. There is no such thing as the Jeff Kressler Trio and probably won’t ever be. But...
Nov. 9 2017
The eight-volume, “The Ordeal of the Union” by Allan Nevins is an in-depth look at the issue, while “Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America” by...
Nov. 9 2017
Lansing Community College’s production of “The Government Inspector” now running at Dart Auditorium may be set in 1836 Russia, but the themes and foibles regarding government corruption...
Nov. 9 2017
Head out to a bar and what you saw only a year ago might be drastically different, and something that was popular five to 10 years ago might not even be on the menu (appletinis). On the flip side, you’re...

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