20 Michigan Authors to be celebrated for literary accomplishments
April 5 2018
The City Pulse Book Club meets the first Thursday of each month, 7 p.m., at Schuler Books & Music in the Meridian Mall. April’s selection is “Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954-63,”...
An exhibition of a globally celebrated film industry
April 5 2018
Film festivals seem to love Lansing. Just after Michigan State University’s Latinx Film Festival, and right before the Israeli Film Festival and the larger Capital City Film Festival, comes this...
April 5 2018
The three-day event is designed to showcase a variety of breeds, and to help breeders market their cattle in one major statewide event, said George Quackenbush, the executive vice president of the Michigan...
April 5 2018
Miller started working there in 1970 when it was called Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips. He was 16, and just about to enter his junior year at Eastern High School
Selected works to be featured on walls of BWL’s Central Substation Project
March 29 2018
“I think it was inevitable that the Central Substation project was going to happen,” said Deborah Mikula, the executive director of the Arts Council. “Once it was moving along we wanted...
Lansing Symphony makes a big deal out of smaller works
March 29 2018
The night began with three solidly built miniatures by James Niblock, head of MSU’s music department and concertmaster of the Lansing Symphony some 50 years ago. Niblock reached his 100th birthday...
One handed guitarist carving out music career
March 29 2018
“The songs I’ve been working on, I’ve been performing them live for about a year now,” he said, “But now I’m at the point where I’m ready to put them out there....
Lansing filmmaker documents the iconic writer’s early years
March 29 2018
Ernest Hemingway spent his first 21 summers in Michigan as his “up north” was being transformed from an Eden-like existence to a popular tourist destination. The languorous summers were filled...
Catching up with recently released local music
March 29 2018
The opening track, “Calling all the Crazies,” has some questionable lyrical choices. The childish hide and seek phrase “ollie ollie oxenfree” does not make for an interesting hook....
New productions accommodate those on the autism spectrum
March 29 2018
In order for Friday’s sensory friendly performance of “Clementine” to be special for guests and first timers, the Wharton Center designated quiet and calm spaces, activity areas, had...
March 29 2018
Cars snaked down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard as customers waited for popular favorites from the original restaurant’s heyday, including the red all-meat burrito and the beef enchilada combo,...
Hong Hong takes center stage at Lansing Symphony
March 22 2018
Hong Hong is one of the most watchable musicians in the Lansing Symphony. When he takes a solo, he channels a dark, liquid tone from a trance-like zone only he can reach. As section leader, he pulls at...
‘Dog Act’ creates punk vaudeville
March 22 2018
For “Dog Act,” Michigan State University’s Arena Theatre is transformed into a unique fun house. Like the carnival versions, the fun comes from shocks and scares. The MSU Department of...
Steve Wilson digs in for weeklong residency at MSU
March 22 2018
On the first day of a week-long whirlwind of classes, performances and trips with MSU students to Michigan high schools, Wilson joined the Professors of Jazz for a scorching gig at the headquarters of...
A play about talking about movies
March 22 2018
Annie Baker’s “The Flick” — an LCC Performing Arts production in partnership with Peppermint Creek Theatre — is essentially a theater production where people talk about movies....
Why the anime convention is ‘home’ for so many
March 22 2018
For the past seven years, a telltale sign spring has begun in Lansing is not just the blooming of trees or melting of snow, but the appearance of several thousand anime fans roaming in costumes along the...
An old Shakespeare standard
March 22 2018
It’s not their fault there were more people onstage than in the audience. “Twelfth Night” debuted when there was a glut of play openings. Michigan State University students were on break....
Book unravels the aftermath of GM shutdown in WI
March 22 2018
Cities and corporations adore being on lists like “Best City to Raise a Family” or “Best Company to Work For.” But, beginning in 1988, there was a list that neither wanted its name...
Folk Festival facing retooling for a 2019 return
March 22 2018
“The main demographic for the festival is older, white and middle class,” said Mark Auslander, director of the MSU Museum, which has coordinated the event since 2002. “We can, I think,...
March 22 2018
Gay or straight, right or left, Bernie Bro or Tea Partier, regardless of your politics, I bet you agree with me on one core principal: Whoever serves as the attorney general should at least understand...