Putting old friends in a new light
May 24 2018
After the lab’s ribbon cutting Thursday, a white-gloved docent squeezed the flexible columns of sculptor Harry Bertoia’s beryllium chimes — a signature piece of the old Kresge Art Museum,...
Recognizing connections between the celebrated authors
May 24 2018
The sartorial Wolfe, often seen in full-peacock splendor dressed in all white, preferred a formal topper, while the more casual O’Brien is seldom seen without his signature baseball cap. Both authors...
May 24 2018
Stop driving around and take some time to explore the Greater Lansing area in a new way, via water or bicycle paths. The Grand River and Red Cedar River are great places to check out since the weather...
May 24 2018
RIVERWALK THEATRE The Lansing stalwart continues its programming into the summer. For more information visit: www. riverwalktheatre.com June 7-10, June 14-17 >> “Spamalot” This Tony Award winning...
May 24 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) The Aries poet Anna Kamie ska described the process of writing as akin to "the backbreaking work of hacking a footpath, as in a coal mine; in total darkness, beneath the earth."...
May 24 2018
Kari Holmes, a Lansing native but frequent traveler to Nashville, headlines Friday at Tequila Cowboy—the country-western themed venue located the Lansing Mall. Holmes has created some buzz after...
Friday, May 25-Sunday, May 27
May 24 2018
Cristo Rey Fiesta has been a staple for the church and its community for nearly four decades. It began as a way to celebrate the area’s rich cultural identity and has since attracted many traveling...
May 20 2018
Why not relax with yoga and a cup of coffee? Blue Owl Coffee and Heights Yoga Project will host a yoga and coffee event at Blue Owl Coffee's new pop-up coffee location this morning from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m
May 17 2018
The above dates/times reflect the show's rescheduling. Nessa, a boisterous Celtic world-music fusion group, re-imagines the ballads and dances of Europe, while mixing in an assortment of worldly elements....
All the details on the new season
May 17 2018
Judicious hits of new music, including one world premiere, a lineup of top-notch guest soloists and Herculean helpings of symphonic classics are the three pillars of the Lansing Symphony’s 2018-’19...
May 17 2018
Gini Larson plays the not-always-as-she-seems Dr. Halbrech with apparent ease. My affections for the doctor faded, but my admiration of Larson’s acting never wavered. A brief appearance by Janet...
Ted M. Reuschel ponders history and nature
May 17 2018
Michigan’s Looking Glass River twists and turns 70 miles from its source in Livingston County until it dumps into the Grand River in Portland. It was once a major trail for Native Americans, but...
New art lab to host auxiliary galleries and workshops
May 17 2018
The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum’s long awaited satellite operation, Broad Art Lab, is debuting Saturday with an exhibit plucked from Michigan State University’s colossal archive of both...
In season closer, LSO goes big before it goes home
May 17 2018
Even the night’s opener was more absorbing and substantial than any overture you could name. “Trace,” by MSU faculty composer Zhou Tian, was a dense, multilayered tapestry of memories...
Saturday, May 19-Sunday, May 20
May 17 2018
Attendees can find themselves overwhelmed with not only the absurd amount of artists and vendors, but with three live music stages — each catering to a different taste. There’s the main stage...
May 17 2018
Konstantin, can you hear me? Come in, Konstantin. Utter the pass words, please. How sadly the fermented mare’s milk dribbles down my stiletto heels! So it is you, Konstantin Svyatoslavovich! Yes....
May 17 2018
Sports Bar Buffalo Wild Wings Nuthouse Sports Bar Reno’s - East* Reno’s - North* Reno’s - West* Buddie’s - Holt Frank’s Press Box *No specific location was given, so all locations...
May 17 2018
In “Legs,” Angela Dill and Spencer Perrenoud are amputees waiting for prosthetic limbs. She is a mom and a car accident victim, and he is a soldier who lost his leg from a road bomb. The unlikely...
Lansing Symphony brings in last-minute pianist for finale
May 10 2018
In a sudden twist, this year’s Gilmore Young Artist, Elliot Wuu, had to withdraw from his scheduled Lansing gig. The 2014 Gilmore Young Artist, Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner, agreed to step in on less...
Saturday, May 12
May 10 2018
A surrealistic horror — well, only sort of horror — anthology pieced together by Lansing’s Ixion Ensemble is arriving at the Robin Theatre Saturday. “Fears & Phobias” is a...