‘Black Panther’ claws its way to record box office numbers
March 1 2018
The narrative of “Black Panther” is rooted in the black American experience. Its villain, Erik Killmonger, usurps the throne of the fictional African nation Wakanda, over its failure to address...
Owosso Community Players’ production does the tale justice
March 1 2018
To say the multifaceted, three-story set inside the Lebowsky Center is elaborate seems insufficient. Dirk Rennick, Dan Wenzlick, Shelby Lindquist and Josh Holliday’s design shifts from a magnificent...
March 1 2018
“Pete Seeger was a punk,” he laughs. Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs — not the usual fare for fans of blistering punk music. But here’s John Warmb of Rent Strike, a claw-hammering...
March 1 2018
If Bird’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he was one of the co-founders of American Fifth Spirits, another distillery that opened in 2015 just a few blocks away
Jeff Daniels directed drama uses water crisis as backdrop
Feb. 28 2018
Imagine condensing and collapsing the entire modern history of Flint into a dark, blue-collar slice-of- life story about two families struggling with abject poverty
Feb. 22 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) When you're playing poker, a wild card refers to a card that can be used as any card the cardholder wants it to be. If the two of hearts is deemed wild before the game begins,...
Lansing artists coalesce for a new gallery
Feb. 22 2018
It’s unfair to say they came out of the blue. After three years of transforming a dilapidated Old Town building at 718 E. Grand River Ave. into an illustrious urban gallery, META Collective, a new...
Lansing poet Eric Crosley brings a collaborative experience to the Robin Theatre
Feb. 22 2018
Crosley’s roots take us to mid50’s rural Indiana, where he discovered his transgender identity at the very young age of five. The realization made life problematic for Crosley, who was forced...
New art gallery dissects our digital personas
Feb. 22 2018
“Highly Reflective” relies heavily on interactivity between its installions and its audience. Fiddling with the art is usually a surefire way to get oneself removed for a gallery, but Sometimes...
‘Thus With a Kiss I Die’ packs an immersive theater experience
Feb. 22 2018
Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre has an outstanding history of producing plays that address critical social and cultural issues. From “In the Blood” to “Baltimore”...
‘Let the Right One In’ tells a different kind of love story
Feb. 22 2018
“Let the Right One In” has a large cast of supporting characters, including the three bullies, played to form by Quinn Kelly, Dylan Storm and Richard Kopitsch, and a school gym teacher played...
Starlight Dinner Theatre veteran opens up
Feb. 22 2018
When Jan Ross laughs, it’s not just heard — it’s felt. The big bellow suits her 5’ 10” formidable frame. Sometimes theater audiences have heard the distinctive chuckles, and...
Feb. 22 2018
In 2009, when Rick Snyder was considering a run for governor, he conducted a series of small meetings to bounce ideas around and get feedback from various citizens. As a person in one of those meetings,...
Liz Carroll comes to Ten Pound Fiddle
Feb. 22 2018
As a young girl, renowned Irish fiddle player and composer Liz Carroll felt lucky to grow up in a household full of musicians with a rich Irish history. But what she didn’t know, is that the music...
Conspicuous Bystanders go against the grain
Feb. 22 2018
In May of 2014, two south Michigan-based musicians named Jenna Roark and Emmet McGuire met and began writing and making music together. Their mutual love for classic rock influenced their work together...
Patrick Olson rummages through MSU Library’s hoard of rare books
Feb. 22 2018
Olson said he developed a love for old books from a junior high teacher, who told the students about Nathaniel Hawthorne’s first book, “Fanshawe.” After an abysmal reception, the author...
Feb. 22 2018
“I never heard of chimichangas or fajitas before I moved here,” said Vera. “Those don’t exist in Mexico. And tacos down there don’t have lettuce and cheese – that’s...
A history of controversial campus speeches
Feb. 15 2018
Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, will speak on the MSU campus 4:30- 6:30 p.m., Monday, March 5. MSU first refused to let him speak due to concerns about violence, but following a lawsuit MSU agreed...
Feb. 15 2018
This building, 2225 E. Grand River Ave. in Lansing’s Groesbeck Neighborhood, will soon become home to M43 Fitness, a new gym/personal training studio. Also coming to the site: The Urban Cup, a new...
Why representation matters
Feb. 15 2018
Annie Gordon, the adult services librarian at the East Lansing Public Library, selected the films to be shown for Black History Month. Gordon chose the films to highlight specific social and legal issues,...