May 10 2018
Since 2007, Doug Mains & the City Folk have been a fixture in the local indie-folk scene, releasing a series of acoustically-driven Americana records—including 2016’s “These Broken Members.”...
May 10 2018
“There are plenty of older fans and musicians that I’ve had the privilege to talk to through my work in radio and most of them tend to confirm that it’s been more or less the same long-haired,...
Posthumous release details mistreatment of Lansing’s German community
May 10 2018
While WWI raged in Europe, German citizens on the homefront faced violent backlash, including tarring and feathering from local vigilance committees — groups of private citizens that took the law...
May 10 2018
Absolute Gallery owner Kathy Holcomb has created stunning framework for more than 15 years. Holcomb was awarded an honorable mention this April by the Michigan-based Nelson’s Moulding and Frame’s...
Neuropsychologist Robert Fabiano headlines benefit concert
May 10 2018
Robert Fabiano, 61, has been a practicing neuropsychologist for nearly three decades, but for the past three years he’s found a new way to reach out to patients, raise funds and spread awareness...
How the retailer handles a shifting market and big box competition
May 10 2018
A fleet of 46 Dodge Caravans is available for “reps” that travel between 1,500 and 3,000 miles a week servicing school music programs. Marshall claims his store works with 80 percent of the...
‘One Slight Hitch’ packs laughter, but struggles with chemistry
May 10 2018
It’s a dramatic departure from a comedian who is better known for his volatile, political rants.The actual production directed by Mona Gille, however, feels under rehearsed. Despite some individual...
May 10 2018
“We have a very socially conscious crew here, and seeing how things have been going these past few years, there was a need to start actively thinking and talking about making show spaces safer,”...
May 3 2018
Charges may apply for paid events to appear in print. If you need assistance, please call Ella at (517) 999-6704
Visiting Iraqi cellist, religious leaders link art and peace
May 3 2018
Coaxed by Mason, Waddles walked away from the piano and lifted his stentorian voice in support of his new friend and colleague. He told the group what it was like to play improvised duets with a man he...
Saturday, May 5
May 3 2018
Aaron Solon, owner of Hollow Mountain, said his store has been doing Free Comic Book Day since its opening. “I think it will be our fifth one,” Solon said. Hollow Mountain will have 20 percent...
May 3 2018
The five-hour event kicks off at 5 p.m. For the advanced general admission ticket of $25, attendees will be able to enjoy up to 15 margarita samples from area bars and restaurants —including Bordeaux,...
Music educator brings a new workshop to Lansing
May 3 2018
“We became friends really quickly. It was kind of strange, because he was just learning music when I first met him,” Watroba said. “But I swear I have never met anyone who got good as...
May 3 2018
Their musical has elements of a professional show: expert acting, skilled singing, solid songs, proficient musicians, precision movements and choreography and costumes that do not seem acquired from a...
May 3 2018
The southern hip-hop duo of Jelly Roll & Struggle Jennings perform Friday at The Loft. Now embarked on their Waylon & Willie Tour, the Tennessee-based emcees released their second collaboration, the “Waylon...
Local author’s tome recounts more than a century of police history
May 3 2018
The book, “Behind the Badge: the History of the Lansing Police Department,” by Patricia E. Heyden, was long thought to be out of print. It will be on sale for $25 at the celebration, with proceeds...
April 27 2018
Out of the dustbin crypt of literary history, a witty new superhero phoenix takes flight. Ladies and gentlemen, I present “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Elusive Ear,” now playing...
April 26 2018
Three Michigan bands perform a free show Friday at The Avenue Café—the diverse bill includes sets from Jackpine Snag (a local heavy-blues power trio) and Dirty Deville (a Ypsilanti-based prog...
April 26 2018
Where would the historical Jesus of Nazareth fit in today’s disjointed political climate? A seminar led by Arthur J. Dewey — Xavier University theology professor — and Celene Lillie of...
April 26 2018
Director Tom Ferris is more of an impresario than a director, having been nudged by Riverwalk’s Sandy Norton to check out the script. He then embarked on a year-long journey of finding a cast of...