Oct. 16 2017
Young innovators need not shy away from this activity session. This event couples STEAM techniques, Science, Technology, the Art of Engineering and Math to help children think differently about
Dick Valentine talks music, touring and origins
Oct. 13 2017
The Electric SixCourtesy Photo Perhaps it’s good fortune that the Electric Six will be playing in Lansing the day after they released their brand-new album, “How Dare You,” on Oct. 13
Oct. 12 2017
“When you’re an artist, you’re not constrained to reality, so why not mess with it a little bit? Why not have some fun with changing things up,” Horky said. “Also, when you...
Oct. 12 2017
And the exhibit isn’t just about fishing itself, but the people who help make it happen. For instance, it covers Trout Unlimited, which became a national organization dedicated to preserving trout...
Oct. 12 2017
Eclipse, schmeclipse. Have you ever seen two suns in one sky? The blinding trumpet force of visit- ing artist Michael Philip Mossman and MSU’s own Etienne Charles lit up the night and scorched the...
Oct. 12 2017
It might not seem like it, but NBC’s “The West Wing” and “The Sing-Off,” “Glee” and presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all have something...
Oct. 12 2017
If you find yourself in Bath Township next weekend, chances are you’ll run into ghost hunter Brad Mikulka
Oct. 12 2017
The spectacle of four tympani players, thundering away like a runaway chariot at the end of Berlioz’s “Symphonie Fantastique,” was one of a thousand arguments for getting out of the house...
Oct. 12 2017
The Detroit-based band Electric Six earned an international cult following in 2003 with the “Danger! High Voltage” single, a high-energy, disco-rock song that featured backing vocals from Jack...
Oct. 12 2017
Once again, autumn is here, and before long, it’ll be Halloween. But for anyone looking to get into the spirit before the spooky day, here is a list of some of the Halloween corn mazes, haunted houses...
Oct. 12 2017
After his first time watching the Head of the Grand Regatta, Jim Perkins said he was shocked. Perkins looked over the Grand River in awe as he stood from his Waverly Bridge standpoint
Oct. 12 2017
If you’ve seen the Mystery Machine driving by, a double-coffined Munsters Dragula car zooming past, encountered a Jurassic Park SUV or seen the “Ghostbusters” Ecto 1 hearse parked on...
Oct. 12 2017
This week, Malcolm X’s daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz, will be returning to that exact spot as a part of her tour through Michigan with the Michigan Humanities Council’s Great Michigan Read program
Oct. 12 2017
Nearly half of the $20,000 renovation cost was paid with money collected two years ago by the restaurant’s ardent fan base. The crowdsourcing campaign was enacted after Naing’s water was shut...
300 DPI
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago celebrates its 40 years with 4 dance pieces
Oct. 9 2017
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago comes to the Wharton Center on Oct. 10.Courtesy Photo In an industry like entertainment, perfection is rarely achieved. That’s why it’s especially difficult to...
Oct. 5 2017
LCC’s ‘Coyote’ is a deep dive into death row “Coyote on a Fence,” now playing at Lansing Community College’s Black Box Theatre, is a sliceof-life drama that follows...
Oct. 5 2017
Awkward bits, creaky chairs mar Riverwalk’s potent “Master Harold”Riverwalk’s Black Box production of “’Master Harold’…and the boys” had plenty of...
Oct. 5 2017
Oct. 8 Since its start in 2009, the East Lansing Farmers Market has been successful in bringing fresh, farm-grown Michigan produce to the community members. With an estimated 1,000 visitors on market...
Oct. 5 2017
Exploding Zombies ripen and pop at Dark Art of Michigan showA heavy door creaks open, and a guttural growling sound rolls onto the steps like a severed head. You bravely whisper out the words “Trick...
Oct. 5 2017
Multimedia artist looks for new perspectives Art is an old companion for Courtland Jenkins. From traditional freehand drawing to digital work, creating art has always been a pleasure for this 32-year-old...

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