susanne hou
Epic symphony crowns spectacular night for LSO
Feb. 15 2018
There were many levels to Hou’s musicianship, from her warm rapport with the audience to her technical prowess, but it was hard to get past her ravishing, silken tone. Was it ice or was it fire?...
Black artists take center stage at the Robin Theatre
Feb. 15 2018
Several artists, musicians and performers will take over the Robin Theatre Friday for the second annual Black Arts Matter Celebration. The lineup includes host Jahshua Smith, Horn & Holland, Hakeem the...
‘On Your Feet!’ stands out from the crowd
Feb. 14 2018
On paper, it would seem that “On Your Feet!,” the latest touring musical at Wharton Center, was designed for a consumer like me, a Gen X-er who grew up during the era of Gloria Estefan and...
nmm (1)
Natalie MacMaster comes to East Lansing February 8
Feb. 8 2018
This is an interview City Pulse did with fiddler extraordinaire Natalie MacMaster. It originally aired on the Feb. 3 edition of City Pulse Radio, and the following is an extended cut. MacMaster will be...
Helen-Sung-Pianist3 (1)
Helen Sung brings fervor of a late convert to MSU jazz residency
Feb. 8 2018
Helen Sung started on a plastic piano with rainbow keys, at about four years old.The keys turned to black and white for a long time until she broke from years of strict classical studies, threw herself...
First wave of announcements for the summer music fest
Feb. 8 2018
Gucci Mane, at this point in his career, is by all means a legend. His trap aesthetic has dominated the world of hip-hop, and he is rightfully recognized as one of the subgenre’s most important pioneers....
Williamston Theatre revisits a poisonous time period
Feb. 8 2018
Giulia Tofana is a curious historical figure. Her tale takes us back to mid-17th century Rome, where she became infamous for selling poison to women who desired to murder their husbands. Because divorce...
Death and romance abound in‘Our Lady of Poison’
Feb. 8 2018
At Williamston Theatre, playwrite Joseph Zettlemaier invites us back in time, to a cleverly reconstructed era, Rome, Italy 1659 A.D. There, a battered and bruised Contessa shows up at an under-the-table...
New book recounts the region’s prohibition era
Feb. 8 2018
“Last call for alcohol” is a common refrain in bars near closing time, but on April 30, 1918, the barkeepers across Michigan really meant it. Due to a statewide referendum, Michigan turned...
‘The Christians’ offers two roads to salvation
Feb. 8 2018
In partnership with Sycamore Creek Church, the Peppermint Creek Theatre Company is presenting a play that examines traditional Christianity and struggles between faith and spirituality. “The Christians,”...
Feb. 8 2018
“Even though I’ve been running Jean Jean in Michigan for eight years, it feels like no one knows I’m here,” Duffelmeyer said. “That’s the downside of e-commerce –...
yamato image by 1 (1)
Traditional Taiko drumming booms at Wharton Center
Feb. 6 2018
Masa Ogawa’s Taiko drumming troupe, Yamato, makes its return to East Lansing Tuesday. Yamato has performed for over 6 million people in 53 countries across the globe, continuing a centuries old Japanese...
WT Our Lady 2
Feb. 1 2018
Giulia Tofana is a curious historical figure. Her tale takes us back to mid-17th century Rome, where she became infamous for selling poison to women who desired to murder their husbands
Mid-Winter Singing & Folk Festival hosts the celebrated songwriter
Feb. 1 2018
“I got a chance to thank (The Weavers) personally for ruining my life.” With more than 50 albums, numerous Grammy nominations, five “Lifetime Achievement” awards, hundreds of tours...
Even without the white stuff, sled making event still sparks creatives from around the area
Feb. 1 2018
It’s the Cardboard Classic, an annual cardboard sled-building event hosted by Lansing Community College’s (LCC) radio station, 89.7 WNLZ, the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department and Gier...
Eighteen local high schools contribute to art exhibit
Feb. 1 2018
The watercolor and sharpie piece, “Monster in the Water,” was created by 12th-grader Nicholas File of Lansing’s Everett High School. He practiced the different techniques by drawing anime....
MSU Latinx Film Fest reveals unseen lives
Feb. 1 2018
An untapped world of film will soon crack open for all of Lansing to see. The history of the “Jimi Hendrix of accordion,” a Spanish thriller about cult suicide and a forensic detective’s...
Lansing Art Gallery’s ‘Echo’ weaves two artists into one show
Feb. 1 2018
In art, two points seldom make a straight line. That’s the fertile paradox behind the current Lansing Art Gallery exhibit, “Echo.” The joint show is a pas de deux of paint, wood, fabric...
How the 1967 film encapsulated a generation
Feb. 1 2018
Fifty years ago this week on a cold wintry day, my date and I were in line at East Lansing’s Campus Theater to see “The Graduate.” Since it was the only game in town and I didn’t...
Recounting Michael Siracuse’s storied career
Feb. 1 2018
Siracuse, 62, has been the ringmaster of the building’s multiple rehearsal sites and black box theatre for 22 years. He’s in charge of schedules, crew, talent and office duties. But if you...