Nov. 16 2016
At Silver Bells in the City Friday, downtown Lansing revelers will get a first look —and perhaps a first taste — of Metro Lansing’s latest addition to its growing French culture. EnVie,...
Political undertones of Oz musical even more potent today
Nov. 11 2016
FRIDAY, Nov. 11 — “Wicked” returned to the Wharton Center this week, and the blockbuster musical is as potent as ever. In fact, the musical’s political undertones are even more...
Gibson’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ excels at action, lacks everything else
Nov. 9 2016
Mel Gibson is the greatest strength and detriment to any film he directs, including his latest, “Hacksaw Ridge.” Whatever problems one may have with him — on or off the film set —...
Nov. 9 2016
Formed two years ago, soulful funk-rock band Tell Yo Mama releases its first proper full-length LP, “Good Thang,” Saturday at the Avenue Café
Owosso’s ‘Inherit the Wind’ misses opportunity
Nov. 9 2016
Owosso Community Player’s latest production, “Inherit the Wind,” is easily the most relevant production running this election season. It’s based on a court case from 1925, but the...
LCC’s ‘Serious Money’ takes on greed and capitalism
Nov. 9 2016
While the U.S. presidential election was (hopefully) decided Tuesday night, the Lansing Community College Theatre Program’s latest production, “Serious Money,” will keep Lansing audiences...
Nov. 9 2016
The term “chamber music” often brings to mind images of string quartets playing music by long-dead composers in church sanctuaries or library auditoriums. But M.I. Concerts, a new chamber music...
Kristen Martin returns to mid-Michigan with ‘Wicked’
Nov. 9 2016
For some, pursuing a career in performing arts seems like a long shot. But for Owosso native and Broadway actor Kristen Martin, there was no other option
Bill Mechanic returns to MSU to talk film industry, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ and ‘real movies’
Nov. 9 2016
Producer Bill Mechanic oversaw the creation of some of the biggest movies of the mid-‘90s as head of 20th Century Fox’s film division. But you wouldn’t know it from the way he talks...
Lansing Symphony wipes varnish and graffiti off Beethoven’s Ninth
Nov. 9 2016
In my imagination, a cynic poked his head into the Wharton Center late Friday night just to scoff at the happy, wall-to-wall buzz that followed the Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s big choral concert
Peppermint Creek takes on racial tensions in ‘Disgraced’
Nov. 9 2016
After observing the emotionally charged “Disgraced,” I asked one of its flushed and sweaty actors if the cast felt drained
East Lansing native reflects on life on the water
Nov. 9 2016
Even though Chris Dombrowski grew up in East Lansing, in the county with the fewest lakes in Michigan, he still found a way to fish
Ixion Theatre premieres new work by British playwright
Nov. 9 2016
Ixion Theatre, the 3-year-old theater company based in Lansing’s REO Town district, is looking to make waves this year with a season comprised entirely of new works
Big Daddy's Lil Donuts / Kavana Nitro Coffee House / Ruckus Ramen
Nov. 9 2016
When Igor Jurkovic told us last week that he was shutting down Iggy’s In Convenience, his grocery store inside Lansing City Market, to concentrate on “other projects,” he wasn’t...
Ingham County Animal Control offers no-fee adoptions for veterans
Nov. 8 2016
In honor of Veterans Day and to and thank the men and women of Ingham County who have served our country, Ingham County Animal Control (ICAC) is offering no fee pet adoptions to veterans
Gillespie Group selling Clara’s lamps, giving away other items
Nov. 8 2016
UPDATE: The Gillespie Group has informed us via email that all items have been sold or given away. There will be no sale Wednesday or Thursday
Soldan's hosts election-themed fundraiser
Nov. 4 2016
FRIDAY, Nov. 4 — While U.S. citizens go to the polls next week to decide the next president, Soldan's Pet Supplies is running an election to settle an age-old debate: cats or dogs? The pet sto
Delhi Township reveals latest LEAP-funded public art project
Nov. 3 2016
THURSDAY, Nov. 3 — Earlier this week, Delhi Township unveiled a new piece of public art, “Happy in Holt,” created by artist Matthew Lincoln. The sculpture sits in front of the Delhi Township...
Hip-hop artist Mikeyy Austin hopes to get Erykah Badu’s attention (again) with new video
Nov. 2 2016
Local hip-hop artist Mikeyy Austin dropped “T I N T E D,” his debut solo project, earlier this year. The digital-only EP got a boost in August when Grammy-winning neo-soul artist Erykah Badu...
East Lansing Film Festival offers documentary-heavy slate of films
Nov. 2 2016
The East Lansing Film Festival kicks off its 19th year Thursday, offering a week-long slate of features and short films across three locations

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