July 15 2015
Since Paul Revere’s Tavern unceremoniously slammed its doors last summer, breaking hearts from Okemos to Grand Ledge, the pizza game in this town has been weak. So it was with a certain amount of...
July 9 2015
Restaurants are ranked in order, based on votes from our 2015 Top of the Town contest
Budget-friendly wines for weekend grilling
July 1 2015
It was a rough ride on the way to finding the ideal style of wine to pair with a hot dog, but a proper experiment needs to accumulate a large enough sample size. First you start with the correct gear:...
June 17 2015
There’s a little Italian restaurant we visit whenever we’re in Las Vegas. The food ranges from OK to not bad. But we keep coming back to Battista’s Hole in the Wall for the décor...
June 17 2015
Last month, the boyfriend and I went up north. We rode our bicycles, we ate ice cream and salt water taffy and at a lighthouse on Old Mission Peninsula he proposed to me with his great-grandmother’s...
Michigan farmers markets grow on new ideas and old-world dirt
June 10 2015
A bumper crop of farmers markets is spreading across Michigan, ranging in size from Detroit’s bustling, 4.5-acre Eastern Market to the dozen-and-a-half booths of the tiny Bath market just north of...
June 10 2015
2015 Farmers Market Summer Guide Market Selection Key: (P) Produce, (O) Organic, (D) Dairy, (M) Meat, (FH) Fish, (PF) Prepared Food, (C) Crafts, (DG) Dry Goods, (BG) Baked Goods, (IG)...
June 10 2015
Each summer brings changes to the local farmers markets. New vendors arrive, older vendors retire, some vendors seek greener pastures — metaphorically speaking — at different markets. In addition...
South Lansing Burmese restaurant reopens after weeklong shutdown
June 10 2015
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10 — Eight days after being shut down by the health department for having no running water, Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant is scheduled to reopen on Friday
Vine & Brew taps into Lansing’s growing wine appetite
June 3 2015
Like a metaphorical grapevine snaking through the trellis of our culture, a new level of wine knowledge is creeping into our everyday lives. Where wine tasting used to be reserved for the snobbiest segments...
Highlights and values from Northern Michigan’s wine region
June 2 2015
Northern Michigan in the summer is prime Instagram material. The Grand Traverse Bay area is an embarrassment of riches, with views for days. The restaurant scene is adventurous and diverse, and the wineries...
The infinite variety of wine pairings
June 2 2015
Snobs will tell you that wine pairings are a delicate matter. They are not. Wine, in general, goes with everything. Every wine goes with every other thing. All you have to do is plug away, like an old...
Exploring career options in the wine industry
June 2 2015
The coasts don’t understand Michigan. Many don’t know — or don’t care — that it’s not all rust belt and ruin porn here. Hyperbole aside, the two peninsulas have had...
Meat Southern BBQ and Carnivore Cuisine
May 27 2015
The plant eaters had won, or so we thought. Even our family was riven by the war. My son convinced our granddaughter that eating meat was a crime, and unhealthy. Another granddaughter took to Facebook...
Maureen Abood showcases her heritage in ‘Rose Water and Orange Blossoms’
May 6 2015
As a longtime Lansing-ite and a person who is always thinking about her next meal, it was with intense intrigue that I first approached Maureen Abood’s culinary blog, "Rose Water and Orange Blossoms,"...
Wine highlights from popular study abroad destinations
May 6 2015
If an MSU student’s academic career were a musical movement, every April would be the tension and May would be the release. Some students stick around to work in town to pay the bills, while others...
Asia's Finest
April 22 2015
Garden of brothy delights Let’s begin on an upbeat note. There is some fine cooking going on in Asia’s Finest restaurant in South Lansing. The servers flash sincere looking smiles as you...
Pizzano's offers 'pub grub' and beyond
Feb. 18 2015
Blue collar charm Standing in Piazzano’s parking lot, I looked across Grand River Avenue at a darkened, silent lumber yard. It struck me that Piazzano’s is like several other Lansing...
Lansing farmers markets offer fresh food year-round
Feb. 18 2015
When there is snow on the ground and ice on the roads, not many people are thinking about fresh vegetables. A growing number of Lansing-area farmers markets, however, are providing customers with a place...
Picking the right wine for your relationship
Feb. 4 2015
February sucks. This is irrefutable; the pounding winter sucks your life away. Ronnie James Dio once sang, “The vision never dies, life’s a never ending wheel.” February is the coldest,...