Annual festival featured bumper crop of Michigan wines
Oct. 3 2012
Tasting dozens of wines from Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau Peninsula at the annual Traverse City Art and Wine Festival this summer, it was evident that the wines of the region continue to reach new...
Oct. 3 2012
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Trendy Tex-Mex chain looks better than it tastes
Sept. 26 2012
Moe's Southwest Grill sounds like it could be from an episode of "The Simpsons," featuring the show's longtime bartender attempting to cash in on patrons clamoring for Tex-Mex. Instead, it's an Atlanta-born...
Food Fight team takes on deli favorite
Sept. 19 2012
The northwest suburbs of Detroit are home to a large Jewish population and (un-coincidentally) some of the state's finest delicatessens. Many mid-Michiganders who are native to the region still dream of...
Sansu seduces diners with unique menu, dining room
Sept. 12 2012
There's a restaurant in town I treat as a kind of secret lover: I arrange a visit only when circumstances allow, and our times together are infrequent, intimate and always satisfying
Uncle John's hosting hard cider festival this weekend
Sept. 6 2012
For generations, mid-Michigan residents — along with travelers throughout the Midwest — have enjoyed weekend jaunts up to Uncle John's Cider Mill, on US 27 in St. John's. Uncle John's is a...
Sept. 5 2012
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New sandwich shop turns the tide toward fast casual dining
Aug. 22 2012
In the grand war of restaurant styles, legions of drive-thrus with rock bottom prices — matching the quality of the food — stand on one side of the battlefield. On the other end stand the...
Food Fight tackles Mexican mainstay
Aug. 15 2012
You'd think a decent guacamole recipe wouldn't be that difficult to pull off — just smash an avocado, add a bunch of spices and dip your chip in, right? But oh man, is there ever some wiggle room...
Ukai serves up a sizzling spectacle
Aug. 8 2012
There's really no need for a movie after dinner at Ukai Japanese Steakhouse—supper is the show. Arrive in any style, sit back and enjoy an evening of juggling eggs, flipping bowls and flying shrimp
Cafes & Diners
Aug. 8 2012
CLARA’S LANSING STATION — Fun dining is the motto at this onetime railroad station with impressive decor and less-impressive food. Popular dishes include the chicken Hawaiian and dozens...
If you’re looking for refreshment, you should brush up on your German
Aug. 1 2012
German wines do not seem to fly off the shelves in American wine stores, which is a shame because the wines tend to be high-quality, versatile, food-friendly and crowd-pleasing. Perhaps one reason they...
Casual Dining
Aug. 1 2012
ALTU’S — Traditional Ethiopian food, including spicy shredded beef with jalapenos and ginger served with Ethiopian bread, yellow cabbage and a house salad
Old Town’s den of smoke and flesh pleases slobs and snobs alike
July 25 2012
I've never been to Memphis or Kansas City, west Texas or North Carolina. So for those of you entering competitions with whole chickens, racks of ribs and a handful of butts, take my word with a grain of...
Food Fight gang seeks a dish fit for The Avengers
July 18 2012
If there's a preferred dish for superheroes who have just finished saving the world, it's shawarma. (Need your proof? Sit through the closing credits of "Marvel’s The Avengers" again.)
Cafes & Diners
July 18 2012
Washington Square, Lansing. 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday; 11-2 Saturday; closed Sunday. (517) 374-2784.
This new pizza place deserves a few bravos
July 11 2012
Opening a new pizza place in town is like planting a tree in the forest: There’s plenty of competition, and even if you survive it’s tough to stand out
If two recent events are any indication, expect wonderful wines from upstate
July 5 2012
The Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula dinner at Traverse City's renowned Trattoria Stella on June 7, and the annual Leland Wine and Food Festival — held June 9 — provided perfect venues to...
July 5 2012
OLD TOWN DINER — Breakfast skillets are popular attractions at this Lansing staple, which has been around for more than 60 years. 516 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing. 6:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday;...
Stateside Deli satisfies a sandwich lover's cravings
June 27 2012
The sandwich shop that stacks the meat high, with locations in East Lansing and Okemos, has a menu you’d expect from a deli: a few dozen sandwiches and burgers, sides that mostly take a trip through...

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