Uncorked’s favorite wines of 2015
Dec. 30 2015
One of the spiffy aspects of being in the wine business is the opportunity to try many different wines — aka “research and development." This year, I sampled well over 1,000 wines. There were...
Looking back on 2015’s medical marijuana developments
Dec. 30 2015
With that, we saw the emergence of a major trend: the transformation of pre-rolls (ready-to-smoke rolled joints). When the first dispensaries opened in Michigan, most offered pre-rolls for convenience....
Dec. 30 2015
Attached to Zoobie’s, a former factory bar, Cosmos turns out amazing gourmet pizzas and tapas-style dishes. The triple creme brie on bruschetta with basil pesto and balsamic reduction left me giddy....
Pure Options offers more products, improved service
Dec. 23 2015
I started my series of City Pulse dispensary reviews in February with a local shop called Pure Options. So much has changed there, so that I thought I would end the year by reviewing the shop again
Dec. 16 2015
Knight Cap 4 p.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 4 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday, closed Sunday
Emerald City offers wide variety of medical marijuana products
Dec. 9 2015
South Lansing’s Emerald City may not have a real wizard, but it does have wizards of weed — and plenty of greens to pick from
Gift ideas for the wine lover on your list
Dec. 2 2015
You certainly have a friend or two who would appreciate some tasty liquid treats for Christmas. The beauty of the local alcohol industry is that Michiganders have more purchasing options than ever before....
Detroit shop features quality marijuana, sleek decor
Nov. 25 2015
As a medical marijuana advocate, I tour the state of Michigan looking for the best products and services available at stores, provisioning centers, safe access points — or whatever other name they...
Zaytoon Mediterranean
Nov. 18 2015
Let’s get the bad news out of the way — the hummus at Zaytoon Mediterranean isn’t very good. An integral part of hummus is tahini, a paste made from ground sesame seeds. Unfortunately,...
Emerald City Provisioning a bright spot on Michigan’s west side
Nov. 11 2015
On the west side of the state, it’s really hard to find open provisioning centers or safe access points. And when you do find them, they tend to only stock cannabis flowers
Pairing wines with the Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving collapse
Nov. 4 2015
There’s a cornucopia of treats waiting for you on the fourth Thursday of November. The bounty of this year’s harvest, prepared with methodical care
All those terms on the cocktail menu that you pretend to understand but are too afraid to ask about
Oct. 28 2015
One-hundred percent blue agave tequila is distilled from the fermented sugars of the Weber blue agave plant only, and must be bottled in Mexico. Like all tequila, 100% blue agave tequila can be aged or...
Cannaisseur offers upscale marijuana experience
Oct. 28 2015
While exploring north Lansing, I found a somewhat new provisioning center called Cannaisseur. A simple sign out front displayed its black and yellow logo. When I pulled into the parking lot, I found out...
Oct. 28 2015
The assignment: LeRoy’s Classic Bar & Grill on Lansing’s south side. It gives me no pleasure to say the food at LeRoy’s is classically pedestrian. Not awful. Just numbingly average, with...
Wash down your Halloween haul with these wine selections
Oct. 14 2015
Some serious shenanigans are about to go down at the end of the month
Medical marijuana market flooded with strain varieties
Oct. 14 2015
One of the most popular conversational topics in provisioning center lobbies and smokers circles nowadays is the vast number of Cannabis types, generally known as "strains."
Cosmos to unveil new menu tonight
Sept. 23 2015
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 23 — Attention Lansing foodies: Old Town pizza hotspot Cosmos, sister restaurant to Zoobie’s tavern, will unveil its fall menu at 5 p.m. today
Meds.Ink doles out quality medicine from its tiny storefront
Sept. 23 2015
When I pulled into the small parking lot, I tried to decide whether cramped or cozy best described the situation. As I walked up to the front door, I saw a sign on it that read, "No Card: No Meds." After...
Sept. 16 2015
Downtown Lansing's food scene has been a bit of a revolving door of late. From Brannigan Brothers transition to Suits and back to wine bars and donut shops and the ever evolving Urban Feast franchises,...
420 Solutions offers quality products, creative medibles
Sept. 9 2015
While traveling down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard one day, I noticed a brand new sign advertising a Review dispensary named 420 Solutions. The sign, with bright neon lettering, was easy to see from...

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