July 20 2016
Meet the Jaws Roll from Maru Sushi & Grill. See that massive cut curving above the plate like a Flintstones bronto rib? That’s a kama (collar bone cut) from a yellowtail hamachi, a large fish used...
Cold brewing offers summer options for coffee drinkers
July 13 2016
For centuries, Americans have made coffee in more or less the same way: running boiling water through ground coffee beans. But a growing number of coffee makers and boutique coffee houses are offering...
July 13 2016
The Vault Delicatessen named its T.N.T sandwich after a former employee of the Mason eatery. I prefer to imagine that it’s named after late, great jazz musicians Thelonious Monk, Nat Adderley and...
Finding wines that will last until your child’s 21st birthday
July 6 2016
A question frequently asked in wine shops goes something like this: “My son/ daughter was born in 1995. Do you have any wines from that year for his/her 21st birthday?” Unfortunately, that...
July 6 2016
I finally found an excellent chicken gyro a few years ago at the State Side Deli in Okemos. The most clutch move here is very basic but so important —toasting the pita bread. You don’t realize...
June 29 2016
Several people had told me that the food at Black Cat Bistro was really good, but once I heard about the café’s selection of specialty bloody marys, I knew I had to investigate. The bar’s...
Looking for local style in the barbecue scene
June 29 2016
Across the U.S., especially in the South, the idea of barbecue takes on different forms from region to region, as each area has its own idea of what kind of meat should be smoked, how to smoke it and how...
June 22 2016
I sat in East Lansing’s Sapporo Ramen & Noodle Bar the other day, watching others deftly lead their chopsticks while I fiddled and fumbled and failed to get my chopsticks onto the dance floor. That’s...
June 22 2016
The first time someone told me I need to go to that new place, HopCat, and try the Crack Fries, I gave a noncommittal, "Eh, yeah, maybe." The second and third time, I considered going. By the seventeenth...
June 15 2016
Both the sandwich and the north Lansing diner are named after the late Mijo Kovac, a Croatian immigrant who came to Lansing in the 1970s in hopes of landing a job at GM. Instead, he ended up owning and...
Finding the best wines for patio season
June 8 2016
After weeks of back-and-forth, it seems like summer has finally pushed spring out of the way here in mid-Michigan. This puts us squarely into patio season, and it’s important to use this limited...
June 8 2016
The Buffalo chicken sandwich from Waterfront Bar & Grill features grilled chicken — not fried — which is tossed in Buffalo sauce, so it’s not too heavy. It’s topped with melted...
June 1 2016
Fortunately, Eastside meets you halfway. The 1/2 and 1/2 Special dinner pairs lightly breaded chicken wings and cat fish nuggets. The deep-fried goodies are served on a bed of French fries and the whole...
May 25 2016
For a food to be craveable, for me, it has to be something I won’t make at home. Maybe it’s a cooking technique I haven’t mastered, a spice blend I can’t put my finger on or something...
May 18 2016
Steakhouse Philly, on the eastern edge of Lansing at the corner of Clippert and Kalamazoo streets, offers traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and gyros — or you can split the difference and...
May 18 2016
But then there’s Saddleback BBQ’s slogan, “Respect the pig.” At first, I thought it was a toss-off line. Then I thought it might be a Zen-like nod to all things pork
May 11 2016
The Rolling Stones “can’t get no satisfaction.” I, however, have had pretty good luck finding it in a bowl at Panera Bread
May 4 2016
It’s hard to explain P.J.s, but they are, at least in my book, the perfect fried food. This addiction of mine starts out as dough cut into bite size rectangles. They are then perfectly deep-fried...
Greater Lansing dining scene’s 15-year transition from boring to bravura
May 3 2016
Editor's note: This article originally appeared in our City Pulse Dining Guide. For more, check out Mark Nixon discussing the article on WKAR's Current State. Fifteen years ago I wrote a snarky col
Taking a look at the best of Michigan’s 2016 wine offerings
April 27 2016
The theme for northern Michigan wineries right now is diversification and damage control. Back to back years haven’t been kind to our northern vines: Major frost damage, sub-zero temperatures and...