Sampling the imported wines from Bouchard Finlayson
Nov. 6 2013
A 2012 Bouchard Finlayson Sauvignon Blanc was a good example of this principle. This wine could be the offspring of a marriage between a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a French white Bordeaux
Longstanding greenhouse expands reach with organic produce
Oct. 31 2013
From the road, Lansing’s Smith Floral and Greenhouses, 1124 E. Mt. Hope Ave., appears quaint and unassuming. Even a quick stop ORGANIC in can be deceiving if you stick to the front of the store....
Oct. 9 2013
Restaurants naturally strive to set themselves apart, but so often fall victim to their own hyperbole. So when another Italian restaurant hits the scene with a motto that calls its food “intoxicating”...
Adventurous indulging
Oct. 9 2013
Let’s get one thing straight. If you’re looking for traditional Italian food dripping in mozzarella cheese and topped with a breaded chicken breast, Tannin ain’t the place for you. You’d...
Niagara wine scene is worth the drive
Oct. 2 2013
Ontario is a wine lover’s playground. Much like parts of Michigan, Ontario at this time of the year is a spectacle of colors. The wines, the landscape and the Niagara escarpment in particular make...
Better Health Café offers organic, vegan and gluten-free lunch selections
Sept. 25 2013
I’m a semi-regular shopper at The Better Health Store, the natural and organic grocery store located across ORGANIC from Frandor Shopping Center in Lansing Township. Until recently, however, I hadn’t...
A fine addition
Sept. 18 2013
Let me apologize in advance to millions of Koreans on both sides of the Demilitarized Zone. Your national dish, kimchi ... How do I put this delicately? Bleh
Do it yourself
Sept. 18 2013
I don’t want to cook my own food when I go out to eat (I’m thinking of a certain fondue chain). So when I heard about Bulgogi’s “grill your own meat” gimmick, I was skeptical
New Belgium Brewing Co., Taps 25 and The State Room partnering for beer and food pairing on Wednesday
Sept. 9 2013
Monday, Sept. 9 — Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing Co. invites Lansing to come worship at the temple of beer Wednesday as it unveils its new "Lips of Faith" series of brews paired with food samplings...
Sampling the top drawer at the Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition
Sept. 4 2013
Michigan vineyards continue to expand, Michigan wineries continue to multiply and Michigan wines continue to reach new qualitative heights. With every new vintage, it gets harder to be the best of the...
Aug. 28 2013
Don’t put Ben Tirrell or his family farm in a box. “Everybody’s big on labeling things,” he said, seated at a shaded picnic table at his farm in Charlotte. He’s talking about...
Aug. 14 2013
The problem with “seat yourself” places is that, once you’ve seated yourself, nobody knows that you’re there. On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago I ran into this problem when...
Aug. 14 2013
The third time was a charm for our dining experience at Edmund’s Pastime in downtown Lansing. The first two visits? Virtually charmless
Touring the wineries of Traverse City's Old Mission Peninsula
Aug. 13 2013
Jutting north from Traverse City is Old Mission Peninsula, a jagged tendril of land separating the west and east arms of Grand Traverse Bay and home to some of the finest vineyards in Michigan. Its rolling...
Kroger and Meijer increase organic and local produce
July 31 2013
As farmers markets continue to boom and local and organic agriculture remain in high demand, the produce sections of many grocery stores are trying to get in on the trend. In Lansing-area Kroger and Meijer...
July 12 2013
Here is my theory about pizza. In the days when Congress was still capable of action, it passed the obscure but life-altering Defense of Pizza Act (DOPA)
July 12 2013
For years, I've heard about this little neighborhood Italian place in Grand Ledge. People swore by it, but I was never sufficiently tempted to make the drive to the other side of town. It takes a lot to...
New Okemos Italian restaurant boldly keeps decor simple
July 10 2013
he scratch Italian restaurant Tannin is scheduled to open this month in Okemos. Partners Chris Roelofs (general manager) and James Sumpter (executive chef) have honed their chops at several restaurants...
Leelanau rolls out some winners for summer tasting tours
July 3 2013
Leelanau Peninsula is one of four federally approved viticultural areas in Michigan, and the winery scene there continues to expand and impress. An early core of four wineries — Boskydel Vineyard,...
A deeper look at the language of organic food
June 26 2013
We devoted last month's article to decoding some of the trickier language associated with organic farming, but that merely skimmed the surface. This month, we've created a dictionary of common organic-related...

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