Aug. 15 2012
Wednesday, Aug. 15 — "City Pulse on the Air " features MSU neuroscience professor Marc Breedlove to discuss the roots of homosexuality and MSU geography professor Julie Winkler will discuss climate
Aug. 8 2012
WEDNESDAY, Aug. 8 — This week's guests are Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing and Kristan Small; House Democratic nominees Sam Singh and Andy Schor; and a political roundtable with political
July 19 2012
Wednesday, July 11 — With guests: Susan Schmidt and Sam Singh, candidates for the Democratic nomination for the 69th State House District (East Lansing & Meridian Township); Keri Littwiller, grad
July 12 2012
Wednesday, July 11 — Kyle Melinn interviews Walt Sorg and Jerry Ketchum, candidates for the Democratic nomination for the 68th House District seat; Berl Schwartz interviews Anne Barna, an analyst
July 4 2012
Wednesday, July 4 — This week's highlights show features interviews with Gretchen Cochran and Dan Bollman from Preservation Lansing; sports writer Jack Ebling; the Rev. Melvin T. Jones and Bishop
June 27 2012
Wednesday, June 27 — This week's guests are Lansing Community College President Brent Knight; and Dale Copedge and Griffin Rivers, candidates for 67th District of the state House of Representatives.
June 6 2012
WEDNESDAY, June 6 — Lansing Schools Supt. Yvonne Camaal Canul; Election law expert Jocelyn Benson on the McCotter situation; Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko on the new bike rack ordinance;
May 30 2012
WEDNESDAY, May 30 — Trevor Thomas, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the House of Representatives, in the 3rd Congressional District, says women's issues makes him a strong candidate;
May 23 2012
Wednesday, May 23 — This week's show includes part two of an interview with Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann on his upcoming primary race against challenger Mark Grebner; Dan Bollman
May 16 2012
Wednesday, May 16 — This week's guests include Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann on being challenged in this year's Democratic primary; Bishop David Maxwell and Pastor Melvin T. Jones
May 9 2012
Wednesday, May 9 — This week's show includes part two of an interview with Ingham County commissioner Mark Grebner on his candidacy for county Drain Commissioner; playwright Sandra Seaton on her
May 3 2012
Guests are Ingham Co. Drain Commissioner candidate Mark Grebner; Mike Kolhoff of the Lansing Workers' Center; and Joe Grimm, visiting editor in residence at the MSU School of Journalism, and student Nick
May 2 2012
Ingham Co. Drain Commissioner candidate Mark Grebner; Joe Grimm and Nick Rodde, co-authors of "The New Bullying"; Michael Kolhoff of the Lansing Workers Center on Peckham Industries
April 25 2012
Wednesday, April 25 — This week's guests include City Pulse columnist Kyle Melinn on the Ingham County Drain Commissioner's race and attorney Mike Nichols on a recent Michigan Court of Appeals ruling
April 18 2012
Wednesday, April 18 - This week's guests are Bernero Chief of Staff Randy Hannan and Lansing city Council President Brian Jeffries to discuss improvements to Lansing's police facilities, Erika Moul, aka
April 12 2012
Wednesday, April 11 - This week's guests are Ari Adler, press secretary to Jason Bolger and adjunct journalism instructor at Michigan State University, and Mike MacLaren, executive director of the Michigan
April 5 2012
Wednesday, April 4 - This week's guests are Lansing Board of Education President Myra Ford and Board Member Charles Ford on the Lansing school consolidation plan; State Representative Joan Bauer on stem
March 28 2012
Wednesday, March 28 - This weeks guests are Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, and Roger Martin and Martin Waymire of the Sault Ste. Marie
March 22 2012
Wednesday, March 21--This week's guests are Scott Gillespie on plans for Ottawa/Butler; Bill Martines of Lansing Future, LLC on the casino; Cindy Storie on the vote of no confidence at LCC; and 4th Ward
March 14 2012
Wednesday, March 14 — This week's guests are Dan Korobkin, staff attorney with the ACLU of Michigan and John Barnes, statewide projects coordinator with MLive Media Group to discuss juvenile life