July 28 2017
This week on City Pulse on the Air, we celebrate our 2017 Food Issue. Arts & Culture Editor Eve Kucharski speaks with the owner of the Meat Southern BBQ & Carnivore Cuisine, Sean Johnson
July 15 2017
This week on City Pulse on the Air, Publisher Berl Schwartz speaks with Peter Wood. Wood is a concerned citizen who is part of the reason that a judge has temporarily blocked the Bernero adminis
July 5 2017
Craig Mitchell Smith's contribution to the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center: "Lifted." Lawrence Cosentino This week, Arts & Culture Editor Eve Kucharski talks with Mario Lopez and Craig
June 26 2017
This week on the show, Arts & Cultured Editor Eve Kucharski fills in for Publisher Berl Schwartz. First, she chats with Deanna Hurlbert, the Director of the LBGT Resource Center at Michigan State
June 17 2017
This week, the show is dedicated to the second annual, City Pulse Inclusion Awards. City Pulse contributor Eve Kucharski speaks with each of the night's 9 honorees, and presents some of the night's speeches
June 9 2017
This week, publisher of the Lansing City Pulse Berl Schwartz sits down to talk with Mike Brand, the executive director of the Michigan State University Wharton Center f
June 2 2017
Later in the show, the story of Jim Cash, a local man who turned his passion for wine cellars into a successful business. Then a review by Lansing City Pulse Publisher Berl Schwartz, of all
May 26 2017
This week, Contributor Todd Heywood speaks with Christin Harris and Michelle Paye, two close friends of Kevin Wirth, a local man who was brutally murdered. Heywood also speaks about the murder w
May 6 2017
Publisher of the Lansing City Pulse Berl Schwartz, discusses legalizing recreational marijuana with Josh Hovey, the spokesman for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol, as well as Jeff I
April 29 2017
Publisher of the Lansing City Pulse, Berl Schwartz, sits down with Rodd Monts, a field organizer for the ACLU of Michigan about the event “A Day Without Immigrants and their Friends.” Then
April 21 2017
Publisher of the Lansing City Pulse Berl Schwartz sits down with Jeff Irwin to speak about the legalization of recreational marijuana
April 15 2017
On this week's episode, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero talks about his views on calling Lansing a Sanctuary City. Also, organizers of different Grassroots organizations talk about why they want to grab M
April 8 2017
Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. and Sen. Rick Jones discuss the decision on being a Sanctuary City. Tim Daman discusses the joint letter asking the city counsel to remove the words "Sanctuary City" from its
Brian Regan, Wayne G. Sieloff, Dan Lohrmann, and Kevin Schoen talk on the show tonight.
March 31 2017
Wayne G. Sieloff talks about the state of the Lansing Airport. Dan Lohrmann and Kevin Schoen talk about cybersecurity. Brian Regan talks about his life and stand-up comedy
March 24 2017
This week's guests are mixed martial arts fighter Aurelia Cisneros, cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann and Rachel Crandall, founder of Transgender Michigan
March 17 2017
This week, a panel of local figures discuss Trump's presidency thus far. Also appearing are folk musician Jayme Stone and 'Rent' actor David Merino
March 10 2017
This week's guests are photographer Camille Seaman, as well as Katrina Daniels and Barb Whitney of the Lansing Art Gallery
March 4 2017
This week's guests are Lansing mayoral candidate Judi Brown Clarke and state senator Curtis Hertel Jr
Feb. 27 2017
This week's guests are Lansing mayoral candidate Andy Schor, comic Krish Mohan and Mike Heinze of The Antenna Men
Feb. 20 2017
This week's guests are MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart and the organizers of Black Arts Matter