March 4 2015
This week's guests are Lansing Symphony Orchestra conductor Timothy Muffitt; composer Marjan Helms; and musician and activist Peter Yarrow
Feb. 18 2015
This week's guests are state rep. Mike Callton; Kyle Melinn of MIRS News; special projects manager for the governor's office, Ari Adler; Susan Demas of Inside Michigan Politics; Joe DiSano of DiSano Strategies
Feb. 12 2015
This week's guests are Sam Inglot of Progress Michigan; state sen. Rick Jones; lt. gov. Brian Calley; former Ingham Co. commissioner Mark Grebner; Lansing city councilwoman Kathie Dunbar; and attorney
Feb. 4 2015
This week's guests are Dr. Dean Sienko; restaurant entrepreneur Sam Short; Lansing mayor Virg Bernero; BWL commissioner Dennis Louney; former BWL commissioners Nancy Wonch and Ron Callen; and director
Jan. 28 2015
This week's guests are "Pippin" star John Rubinstein; Army public Health Commander, Dean Sienko; and 2012 GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger
Jan. 23 2015
This week's guests are Lansing mayor Virg Benero; MSU dean Stephen Esquith; MSU student Moussa Traore of Mali; and military pot expert Steve Lull
Jan. 14 2015
This week's guests are Lightspeed CEO Jason Schreiber; City Pulse critic, Lawrence Cosentino; and gay rights activists William Sawyer-Todd, Gina Calcagno and Anita Calcagno
Jan. 7 2015
This week's guests are MIRS editor Kyle Melinn; City Pulse associate publisher Mickey Hirten; City Pulse editor Belinda Thurston; Ten Pound Fiddle co-founder Bob Blackman; Stephen Esquith, dean of the
Dec. 17 2014
This week's guests are MIRS editor, Kyle Melinn; Lansing Mayor's chief of staff, Randy Hannan; Friends of Turner-Dodge president, Michael Bebe; and pastor Melvin Jones of the Union Missionary Baptist Church
Dec. 10 2014
This week's guests are Jonathan Oosting of MLive, Tiger's announcer Mario Impemba; city councilwoman Jody Washington; and state sen.-elect, Curtis Hertel Jr
Dec. 3 2014
This week's guests are Dr. Peter Gulick; 1st Amendment attorney Bradley J. Shafer; the executive director of the Cristo Rey Community Center, Joseph Garcia; and the director of Ingham County Animal Control
Nov. 26 2014
This week's guests are Brig. Gen Michael McDaniel; Lansing activist Crystal Gause; City Pulse write Lawrence Cosentino; director of the Broad Art Museum Michael Rush; and president of Western Michigan
Nov. 19 2014
This week's guests are East Lansing resident Don Powers; former state rep. Mark Meadows; election law expert, Jocelyn Benson; Ingham County drain commissioner, Pat Lindemann; LEAP president/CEO, Bob Tresize
Nov. 12 2014
This week's guests are TV host Bob Eubanks; actor Julian Sands; and State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer
Nov. 5 2014
This week's guests are Kyle Melinn of MIRS; Susan Demas of Inside Politics; State Sen. elect Curtis Hertel Jr. D-East Lansing; and developer Nick Eyde
Oct. 29 2014
This week's guests are executive director of the Ingham County Health Plan, Robin Reynolds; 8th district congressional candidate, Eric Schertzing; and executive director of the East Lansing Film Festival,
Oct. 23 2014
This week's guests are musician Rosanne Cash and MSU Trustee candidate Terry Link
Oct. 16 2014
This week's guests are the Mayor of East Lansing, Nathan Triplett; East Lansing resident Eliot Singer; City Pulse symphony reviewer, Lawrence Cosentino; state senate Democratic candidate, Dawn Levey; and
Oct. 10 2014
This week's guests are "Atomic Girls" author Denis Kiernan; District Court Judge, Tom Boyd; and school board candidates Thomas Morgan, Joy Gleason and Guillermo Lopez
Oct. 7 2014
This week's guests are author Dan Mishkin; Detroit Free Press editorial page editor Stephen Henderson; photographer Ernst Floeter; Jill Fritz of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected and Drew Youngedyke of Michigan