Theater company ends its run this weekend
May 27 2010
In Greek mythology, the ambitious Icarus flew too close to the sun and melted his wings of wax. The theater company Icarus Falling, which took its name from the ill-fated aviator, has come to its end as...
Former Poison lead singer performs July 15
May 25 2010
Talk about a rock 'n roll survivor: So far this year, Bret Michaels has suffered an appendicitis attack, heart problems and a massive brain hemmorhage.Then he turned around and won "Celebrity Apprentice"...
'Phantom' returns, with all its allure intact
May 24 2010
It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera” made its debut in London’s West End and the show has remained a money-spinner...
Silent auction features art created by young people in the program
May 23 2010
Gateway Community Services will celebrate its 40th anniversary Monday with the same theme it expresses in its programs: a focus on the children.The East Lansing-based non-profit organization will host...
Sun Messengers follow James Brown’s sweaty tracks
May 20 2010
How do you get to The Palace of Auburn Hills?Ride that funky mudslide.The Sun Messengers started out 30 years ago as an eclectic jazz-world-funk outfit with overtones of jazz’s mystic mastermind,...
Folk duo takes on everything from Roxette to the Righteous Brothers on new release
May 20 2010
The self-described "pleasantly aggressive folk duo" Nervous but Excited — made up of singer-songwriters Kate Peterson and Sarah Cleaver — performs at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 21, at Creole Gallery,...
Lansing Community College board of trustees votes down potential partnership with closed Equity theater
May 18 2010
The curtains closed on BoarsHead Theater Monday night as the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees voted not to pursue a proposed partnership with the now-bankrupt company.“We’re dead,”...
Muffitt happy to stay on Lansing Symphony podium for three more years
May 17 2010
It’s hard to hold a high note, but the Lansing Symphony is about to try. With attendance spiking improbably upward and performance levels at a widely recognized high, the organization announced last...
Russell Crowe plays an older outlaw with different priorities
May 14 2010
Emerald-green tights, sneering sheriffs and damsels-in-distress have no place in director Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood,” which is the latest in an ever-growing series of epics that “re-imagine”...
Choreographer/dancer Cristina Perara shares her talent with three area arts companies
May 14 2010
After spending a year working with Cirque du Soleil, internationally renowned dance instructor Cristina Perera will be coming to Lansing.Perera, who has worked with Mark Ruhala of the Ruhala Dance Center,...
'Iron Man 2' is essentially a mid-life crisis movie, augmented with explosions, high-tech brawls and a couple of awesome electric whips.
May 6 2010
Make it bigger, louder and longer: That’s the typical blueprint for action-movie sequels. Yet “Iron Man 2” is not a completely formulaic follow-up. Director Jon Favreau and screenwriter...
Symphony nails season shut with Chopin and Beethoven
May 5 2010
Maybe it’s just baseball fever, but there was something clean and mighty, something Hank Aaron-like, about the way the Lansing Symphony Orchestra and guest piano soloist Ivan Moshchuk got down to...
Michigan State University's Ron Dorr looks back on the 40th anniversary of the shootings
May 4 2010
Ron Dorr is a professor emeritus in Michigan State University's James Madison College
Purple Rose turns a classic into a class act
April 26 2010
We are coming to the end of Act Three. Emily asks the question: “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it, every, every minute?” The stage manager answers: “No," then...
April 23 2010
Think back to the glory days of the early ‘00s. Jennifer Lopez was everywhere you turned: on the big screen with her latest film, on the radio with her latest club hit, in the cosmetics counters...
Jazz combo joins singer at The Loft Friday
April 23 2010
Too Smooth For Notes has been doing their thing around these parts since saxophonist Phil Denny formed the band in 1993 for a high school talent show. This Friday though, they'll be doing it with the Grammy-nominated...
Retired NFL star participates in Sunday's Battlefield Brawl
April 23 2010
Recently retired NFL running back and Michigan State University alum T.J. Duckett will once again hit the field this Sunday at the first annual Battlefield Brawl. Founded by Duckett and 26-year-old Lansing...
Third annual Studio Crawl happens Thursday
April 21 2010
Have you ever driven by that big green building on Cleveland St. in Lansing and wondered to yourself, “What the heck is in there?” Here’s your chance to find out.On Thursday, April 22...
April 20 2010
The trustees of Lansing Community College will vote tonight on a proposal to form a partnership with BoarsHead Theater, which went dark last season after going broke.The proposal would give BoarsHead “free...
Concerts feature collaborations with familiar local faces
April 19 2010
Lansing has produced its share of talented musicians, and many of them have moved on to other cities in search of new opportunities. Timothy Muffitt’s mission: Bring ‘em back home. That’s...