People Who Needle People and Splendor In The Crash
July 20 2016
WEDNESDAY, July 20 — Q: A female friend overheard me on the phone with my boyfriend and became concerned. He and I tease each other relentlessly, calling each other mean silly names, but it’s...
Stray It Forward and Tender Bender
July 13 2016
WEDNESDAY, July 13 — Q: I’m a single guy who started a “friends with benefits” thing two months ago with an unhappily married female co-worker. We’ve since developed feelings...
C.S. Mott’s estate provides window into industrialist’s life
July 13 2016
While much of the attention given to Flint recently is focused on the city’s ongoing water crisis, one author is trying to bring some attention to one of the city’s underappreciated gems
Skinny Genes
July 6 2016
WEDNESDAY, July 6 — Q: I’ve always been a very athletic guy. I do jujitsu every day. When I don’t exercise, I feel depressed. My girlfriend, however, has never been very physically active....
Fasten Your Deceit Belt and Your Place Aura Mine?
June 29 2016
WEDNESDAY, June 29 — Q: I’m a 44-year-old woman who’s been dating a successful actor for a year. When we met, he told me he was 35. Well, in picking up a prescription for him, I discovered...
The Gift Of Blab and Last Year's Shaggage
June 22 2016
WEDNESDAY, June 22 — Q: My girlfriend tells her mother and her friends pretty much everything. Literally four of her friends and her mom were weighing in on her recent urinary tract infection. I...
Unzipping Your Genes
June 15 2016
WEDNESDAY, June 25 — Q: I’m increasingly frustrated by your views that women are attracted to men with status or wealth and don’t care much about men’s looks. Personally, I’m...
Someday, Her Prince Will Run And Wow Or Never
June 8 2016
WEDNESDAY, June 8 — Q: I’m a single woman in my 40s. It’s been ages since I’ve seriously dated anyone. People tell me that I seem “closed off.” I don’t want to...
Canine And A Half Weeks And Ugly Batty
June 1 2016
WEDNESDAY, June 1 — Q: My girlfriend sleeps with her two medium-sized dogs. They are, to quote her, her “babies.” I see them more as her bodyguards. We don’t live together, but...
You’re The None For Me
May 25 2016
WEDNESDAY, May 25 — Q: You’ll probably think I’m messing with you, but I swear I’m not. I am a man who has no desire to have sex. I was married, but after my wife got pregnant with...
The Litter Prince And Irreconcilable Indifferences
May 18 2016
WEDNESDAY, May 18 — Q: My boyfriend and I just moved in together, and it’s going well, except for how he leaves empty containers and trash everywhere. I asked him to please just put these in...
Fresh Prince Of Bel-Stare And For Whom The Belle Tolls
May 11 2016
WEDNESDAY, May 11 — Q: My boyfriend “loves women.” When we’re out, he’ll check out and comment on every hot girl. I get that he’s just “appreciating their beauty,”...
The Bleh Lagoon And Glue In The Dark
May 4 2016
WEDNESDAY, May 4 — Q: I’m a guy in my late 20s. Two years ago, I started a friends-with-benefits thing with a woman, which honestly has turned into one of the most relaxed, comfortable relationshi
All In A Day’s Jerk And Trading What’s-His-Faces
April 27 2016
WEDNESDAY, April 27 — Q: I’m a happily married 30-year-old woman. A co-worker pointed out a senior trainer at work constantly sneaking lustful glances at me. I was later assigned to his section....
What You Seethe Is What You Get And Free (Scared) Willy
April 20 2016
WEDNESDAY, April 20 — Q: My boyfriend of a year used to fly into rages. He and his ex had huge, ugly screaming fights. He now uses “mental tricks” to stay calmer. Obviously, rage is a...
Are We Having Funding Yet?
April 13 2016
WEDNESDAY, April 13 — Q: My girlfriend and I are both struggling artists in our early 20s. We have a lot of fun, and being poor together seems oddly bonding. But I read an article about a study that
The Mummy’s Cursor And Hush To Judgment
April 6 2016
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 — Q: I’m a woman in my 20s, and female friends and I find that, generally speaking, once a guy gets into a relationship, his texting dwindles into brief news bites, like...
Slight Of Hand And Amazing Graze
March 30 2016
WEDNESDAY, March 30 — Q: My boyfriend mistakenly sent me a text meant for somebody else — a real estate agent with my same first name who’s showing him apartments. This made me feel like...
We’ll Always Have Parasite
March 23 2016
WEDNESDAY, March 23 — Q: When I got remarried, I inherited a stepdaughter. At the time, I was happy about this. Though she and my husband had been estranged for many years, I was instrumental in...
Papa’s Got A Brand New Hag And When The Gooing Gets Tough
March 16 2016
WEDNESDAY, March 16 — Q: My boyfriend travels a lot, and when he’s away, he wants to video call over FaceTime. Well, I look absolutely hideous on FaceTime, and I don’t want to do it....

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