Till Dead End Do Us Part And Everything Happens For A Raisin
Aug. 28 2013
Q: I’ve been separated from my husband for two years. (Our divorce isn’t yet final.) A terrific man sought me out when he was breaking up with his girlfriend, but then he got back together...
When Hurry Met Sally And Wail Watching
Aug. 21 2013
Q: I planned a cross-country trip to introduce my girlfriend of five months to my family. She just sprang on me that she wants my family to meet “all of” her, which includes her 9-year-old...
Barn Yesterday And Worm Feelings
Aug. 14 2013
Q: For two summers, I’ve traveled to work on a small organic farm. There, this woman and I had this amazing romance, including lovemaking during summer thunderstorms and dancing naked in the fields!
Wuss It Good For Her? And Prance Charming
Aug. 7 2013
Q: I've been on three dates with a gorgeous, funny, kind, and successful woman. Two weeks ago, we met for drinks with a group of my friends, and a guy in our crowd who’s in the habit of saying crass...
It's Scold In Here And Don't Just Mall A Woman
July 31 2013
Q: Online dating isn’t going so well. I’m a 34-year-old professor seeking a relationship. I listed an age range of 18 to 35 on my profile, not because I particularly like 18-year-olds but simply...
Too Mush Too Soon And Hell No, Kitty
July 24 2013
Q: I\'ve been dating an amazing guy for a month. Our first amazing date turned into an amazing night, which turned into an amazing month. We completely adore each other. Every time we hang out feels like...
Mystery Meet And A Mitey Love
July 17 2013
Q: A man my friend was crazy for just broke up with her. I kind of saw the breakup coming, as I thought they were too different, but she thinks he just falsely advertised who he really is. They met online,...
The Jaws Of Ex-Wife And Zero Thumb Game
July 10 2013
Q: I have had a huge crush on a man for several months and finally asked him out for drinks. During our “date,” he mentioned his friend he wanted to set me up with, and I told him that HE is...
Cleanup In Aisle Home
July 6 2013
Q: I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for 10 months and living with him and his 12-year-old daughter for half that time. He broke up with his daughter’s mother after she became addicted to coke...
Not a mourning person & when bald things happen to good people
June 26 2013
Q: My girlfriend died in a car accident four months ago, and I fear I'm not grieving the way I should. I was really broken up at first, crying hysterically, and I miss her terribly
The upgradest love of all
June 19 2013
Q: I'm a single dad of three children, who are my world, and it was a battle to get custody of them. For three years, I've dated a woman with grown children, and on our shared birthday (Valentine's Day),...
Coitus frustratus & whistle while you weep!
June 12 2013
Q: My boyfriend is a very spiritual person who practices yoga, meditation, etc. He showed me a website about karezza, which basically involves deriving sexual pleasure through long, drawn-out, non-vigorous...
Beating them about the head with a shtick & the carpal tunnel of love
June 5 2013
Q: I've always made people laugh with my self-deprecating humor, but I was complaining about not having much luck with the ladies recently, and my buddy told me that my humor is a problem. He said I come...
Ennui Go! & getting over the frump
May 29 2013
Q: My girlfriend and I love each other, but we feel we're becoming numb to hearing it from each other. We've been together three years, so I assume that time is what’s put a damper on the "three...
Time is on her slide & Malcolm in the mid-life
May 22 2013
Q: My girlfriend is constantly late, which is annoying, but what's more annoying is that there's always an excuse: She had to do one more thing at work; traffic was horrible; her dog wouldn't pee, so she...
The audacity of grope & is there an eco in here?
May 15 2013
Q: My friend's girlfriend hits on me all the time. (We're all lesbians.) She always offers to get me a drink before she gets her girlfriend one, and she's taken to giving me quick shoulder rubs and stomach...
Tail from the crypt & I sing the buddy electric
May 8 2013
Q: I've been with my boyfriend for two years. I do have trust issues, having been cheated on in past relationships. My boyfriend's best friend of six years, a beautiful and intelligent woman, passed away...
Smells like libertine spirit & random acts of silence
May 1 2013
Q: I got involved with my co-host on my Web show — a woman in an "open relationship" with her live-in boyfriend of two years. Things were light and fun between us until we developed actual feelings...
In sickness and in stealth & belittle Miss Sunshine
April 24 2013
Q: This woman and I were involved 13 years ago, before I met my wife, but she was married then. She got divorced and moved away. We reconnected recently on Facebook, and I discovered she's now only 20...
Fry, fry again & to halve and halve not
April 17 2013
Q: I walked into my apartment and, to my horror, thought my boyfriend had been electrocuted. He was sprawled on the kitchen floor by an open electrical outlet with wires sticking out. There was a screwdriver...

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