Going Code Turkey And Taking Out The Trashing
Sept. 11 2013
I broke up with a boyfriend a few years ago because I wasn’t getting what I wanted from him. I’d give him subtle cues, and when he didn’t respond in the ways I was hoping for, I blamed...
Buy Meets Girl And Groin Pains
Sept. 4 2013
Q: My previous relationship was passionate but was with an emotionally abusive man. I’ve been dating a new man for five months. I wasn’t initially attracted to him, but he ended up sweeping...
Till Dead End Do Us Part And Everything Happens For A Raisin
Aug. 28 2013
Q: I’ve been separated from my husband for two years. (Our divorce isn’t yet final.) A terrific man sought me out when he was breaking up with his girlfriend, but then he got back together...
When Hurry Met Sally And Wail Watching
Aug. 21 2013
Q: I planned a cross-country trip to introduce my girlfriend of five months to my family. She just sprang on me that she wants my family to meet “all of” her, which includes her 9-year-old...
Barn Yesterday And Worm Feelings
Aug. 14 2013
Q: For two summers, I’ve traveled to work on a small organic farm. There, this woman and I had this amazing romance, including lovemaking during summer thunderstorms and dancing naked in the fields!
Wuss It Good For Her? And Prance Charming
Aug. 7 2013
Q: I've been on three dates with a gorgeous, funny, kind, and successful woman. Two weeks ago, we met for drinks with a group of my friends, and a guy in our crowd who’s in the habit of saying crass...
It's Scold In Here And Don't Just Mall A Woman
July 31 2013
Q: Online dating isn’t going so well. I’m a 34-year-old professor seeking a relationship. I listed an age range of 18 to 35 on my profile, not because I particularly like 18-year-olds but simply...
Too Mush Too Soon And Hell No, Kitty
July 24 2013
Q: I\'ve been dating an amazing guy for a month. Our first amazing date turned into an amazing night, which turned into an amazing month. We completely adore each other. Every time we hang out feels like...
Mystery Meet And A Mitey Love
July 17 2013
Q: A man my friend was crazy for just broke up with her. I kind of saw the breakup coming, as I thought they were too different, but she thinks he just falsely advertised who he really is. They met online,...
The Jaws Of Ex-Wife And Zero Thumb Game
July 10 2013
Q: I have had a huge crush on a man for several months and finally asked him out for drinks. During our “date,” he mentioned his friend he wanted to set me up with, and I told him that HE is...
Cleanup In Aisle Home
July 6 2013
Q: I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for 10 months and living with him and his 12-year-old daughter for half that time. He broke up with his daughter’s mother after she became addicted to coke...
Not a mourning person & when bald things happen to good people
June 26 2013
Q: My girlfriend died in a car accident four months ago, and I fear I'm not grieving the way I should. I was really broken up at first, crying hysterically, and I miss her terribly
The upgradest love of all
June 19 2013
Q: I'm a single dad of three children, who are my world, and it was a battle to get custody of them. For three years, I've dated a woman with grown children, and on our shared birthday (Valentine's Day),...
Coitus frustratus & whistle while you weep!
June 12 2013
Q: My boyfriend is a very spiritual person who practices yoga, meditation, etc. He showed me a website about karezza, which basically involves deriving sexual pleasure through long, drawn-out, non-vigorous...
Beating them about the head with a shtick & the carpal tunnel of love
June 5 2013
Q: I've always made people laugh with my self-deprecating humor, but I was complaining about not having much luck with the ladies recently, and my buddy told me that my humor is a problem. He said I come...
Ennui Go! & getting over the frump
May 29 2013
Q: My girlfriend and I love each other, but we feel we're becoming numb to hearing it from each other. We've been together three years, so I assume that time is what’s put a damper on the "three...
Time is on her slide & Malcolm in the mid-life
May 22 2013
Q: My girlfriend is constantly late, which is annoying, but what's more annoying is that there's always an excuse: She had to do one more thing at work; traffic was horrible; her dog wouldn't pee, so she...
The audacity of grope & is there an eco in here?
May 15 2013
Q: My friend's girlfriend hits on me all the time. (We're all lesbians.) She always offers to get me a drink before she gets her girlfriend one, and she's taken to giving me quick shoulder rubs and stomach...
Tail from the crypt & I sing the buddy electric
May 8 2013
Q: I've been with my boyfriend for two years. I do have trust issues, having been cheated on in past relationships. My boyfriend's best friend of six years, a beautiful and intelligent woman, passed away...
Smells like libertine spirit & random acts of silence
May 1 2013
Q: I got involved with my co-host on my Web show — a woman in an "open relationship" with her live-in boyfriend of two years. Things were light and fun between us until we developed actual feelings...