In sickness and in stealth & belittle Miss Sunshine
April 24 2013
Q: This woman and I were involved 13 years ago, before I met my wife, but she was married then. She got divorced and moved away. We reconnected recently on Facebook, and I discovered she's now only 20...
Fry, fry again & to halve and halve not
April 17 2013
Q: I walked into my apartment and, to my horror, thought my boyfriend had been electrocuted. He was sprawled on the kitchen floor by an open electrical outlet with wires sticking out. There was a screwdriver...
Dark clouds on the verizon & SWAT about a Friday night?
April 10 2013
Q: I work 9 to 5, and my girlfriend of two years is retired and pretty much free all day. I've asked that we treat dinner as our special time to reconnect and ignore incoming phone calls. Sadly, instead...
When you wish upon a sleazebucket & a breath of fresh stare
April 3 2013
Q: I was seeing a guy for four months — a guy I liked better than I've ever liked anyone. Two months in, he was calling me his girlfriend, putting me on the phone with his mom, and saying that I...
Will You Flash Mob Me?
March 27 2013
Q: I'm going to propose to my girlfriend, and it seems there's this trend of doing crazy, elaborate things to ask a girl to marry you. I know I can't compete with the guys like the New York City dude I...
Stammer time & speed mating
March 20 2013
Q: I can't talk to really pretty girls. If I'm talking to a girl I'm not that interested in or a dude, I'm golden. But if I'm attracted to a girl, my thoughts get totally scrambled. After a party, I walked...
The math to true love & overthinking of you
March 13 2013
Q: You need to tell men to never be the first to say those "three little words." A woman will tell you she's ready to hear them by telling you first. It seems the dating gurus agree: When a man says "I...
Ex-rated movie & jest not that into you
March 6 2013
Q: I've been with my boyfriend for a year. We were best friends and talked about everything — what our kids would be like, projects we'd do together, magical worlds, and even other people we found...
Madame ovary & Bed, Bath, and Beyond disappointing
Feb. 26 2013
Q: My wife needs a medical test that will involve her being naked in unflattering positions in front of another person, possibly male. I know she won't enjoy this and it certainly isn't sexual, but I want...
Gratitude Adjustment
Feb. 20 2013
Q: My boyfriend of three months seems wonderful. He is attentive and tries hard to please me, even in small ways (like always making sure I get tea I like when we're out). Soon after we started dating,...
Hawaii five-no & beta path to love
Feb. 13 2013
Q: Ten years ago, my friend and I met our husbands on the same night (they were friends who challenged us to a game of pool), and we both got married the same year. We all pledged to spend our 10th anniversary...
Indignation wants to be free & unhappy as a clam
Feb. 5 2013
Q: What are your thoughts on gently dissuading a person from making a total fool of herself on Facebook? A woman I know had her husband leave her for the woman he was cheating on her with. She's been venting...
When horndog met sally & the gift that keeps on giving you the creeps
Jan. 30 2013
Q: A male friend just tried to booty call me (texting after midnight that he was horny). I'm angry and revolted. I've known he's liked me, thanks to his constant icky comments all over my Facebook photos,...
Vroom with a view & life in the fastened-to-her lane
Jan. 23 2013
Q: I'm a 34-year-old woman, dating a 27-year-old guy for three months. We have a great time together, but he's balking at making an official commitment, meaning he doesn't want to call us boyfriend and...
Nobody to codepend on & curb feelings
Jan. 16 2013
Q: My boyfriend and I were invited to dinner at our friends' house. An hour after the appointed time, another friend of theirs, a woman who's been single for at least a decade, still hadn't left her house....
Talk blurty to me & her suction cup runneth over
Jan. 8 2013
Q: Why are women so worked up about hearing "those three little words," and why must they turn them into such a minefield? If a man says "I love you" too soon, he gets dumped because he's a clingy, needy...
Not just another pimply face & deck the halls, not the guests
Jan. 2 2013
Q: I've loved my fiancee deeply for her intelligence and beautiful personality since the day we met five years ago. However, I don't think I was ever really attracted to her. In fact, lately, I'm increasingly...
New kid on the Bloc & casing Amy
Dec. 26 2012
Q: I spent the last two years in the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe and just committed to another year. Before my assignment, I was dating a decent guy, but I told him it was temporary. When I was home...
His back to the wallet & fifty shades of gay
Dec. 18 2012
Q: My girlfriend of a year is enormously wealthy and very generous. Despite my protestations, she loves buying me nice clothes and other gifts, and appears to expect little or nothing in return except...
Unlucky in shove & background checks and balances
Dec. 11 2012
Q: My husband was a heavy-drinking, drug-taking skirt-chaser who worked only sporadically, so I divorced him three years ago. He quit drinking and drugs, renounced skirt chasing, and was constantly professing...