Bitter homes and gardens & making shove last
July 18 2012
Q: If your wife says another man's name while making love, what does that mean? It was her ex's name — my stepson's dad. She apologized, saying it was only because she remembered needing to call...
Dew drop your pants & snail male
July 11 2012
Q: I broke up with my guy a while ago, which was the right thing to do. But, I’ve found myself hooking up with guys for no reason other than getting caught in a provocative moment. Of course, as...
You lite up my life & stare way to heaven
April 4 2012
Q: A guy wrote you about a girl he sees at a coffee shop — a girl he suspects is out of his league. You said the way to know for sure is by asking her out. Bad Advice Goddess! This suggests that...
Pest wife regression & Speaking ill of the dud
Nov. 30 2011
Q: Two years ago, my man left his 22-year marriage to be with me, but he told me he loved his former wife and would always want a friendship with her. I accepted that (I m friends with my ex), but I m...
April 20 2011
Nodding off hill & keeping a lady hating
This American strife & Love is bland
April 13 2011
Q: My boyfriend of 10 months asked me for my idea of a romantic evening, and I said I think it’s really romantic to make dinner together. He asked for specifics, and I ended up pretty much describing...
Too-big love & take a rein check
April 6 2011
Q: I’m an older woman (almost 50) in a six-year live-in relationship with a 25-year-old guy. The problem is he wants to sleep with other girls. I understand his need to be with other girls, especially...
Miffed connection & Leave actually
March 30 2011
Sometimes, the reason is that they are nervous and socially awkward and burp out the first thing they can that’s made of words
’Can you hear me now?’ & Must love dogs in bed
March 16 2011
Q: I have an online dating issue. When a man and I are going to have our first phone chat, I set up a specific day and time so we don’t have to play phone tag. This allows me to schedule around it...
April 14 2010
Martha Stewart taps into hers, and like a onewoman swarm of rickracking, sponge-painting locusts, transforms everything in her path. Other women start by perking up flowerpots and end tables and move on...

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