Dust In The Lust And Blareway To Heaven
Nov. 25 2015
WEDNESDAY, Nov. 25 — Q: I’m a man who has been married three times. Upon reflection, it seems to me that most women are ultimately not that interested in sex as a recreational activity. I try...
Sweeping Beauty And Minnie Mouth
Nov. 18 2015
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 18 — Q: My new boyfriend is messy. He drops his socks, underwear, and clothing on the floor by the bed. He’s not lazy or entitled, just a spacehead. It’s no big deal for...
The Gospel Of Lukewarm And Lip Bomb
Nov. 11 2015
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11 — Q: I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with my dream man. When we aren’t together, I feel super-disconnected and needy. I’ve never been that sort...
Fawn Juan And Stare Wars
Nov. 4 2015
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 4 — Q: I’m a 31-year-old single guy with a problematic pattern. Women I ask out seem to love how I’m open and very complimentary from the start, but then, suddenly, they...
The Hurt And Confused Locker
Oct. 28 2015
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 28—Q: I was dating a sociopathic compulsive liar for three months. I had a gut feeling that he was lying about his work, education, and finances, but I had no real proof. This allowe
The Alone Ranger And Waking Up Rusted
Oct. 21 2015
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 21—Q: Sometimes, when my boyfriend is upset, he wants comforting, just like I would. He’ll vent or lay his head in my lap, and I stroke his hair. But sometimes, he just sits...
High, I Think I Love You And Toad Rage
Oct. 14 2015
Photo-Bomb Scare And As Duck Would Have It
Oct. 7 2015
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 7—Q: I’m a 29-year-old woman, and I’ve been dating a guy for two months
Hurl, Interrupted And Grope Springs Eternal
Sept. 30 2015
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 30 — Q: Six years ago, I was dating this guy on the East Coast. He and I share a deep love of the arts. We started arguing on the sidewalk, and I got so upset that I vomited all...
Wed Blanket And A Brief History Of Slime
Sept. 23 2015
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 23 — Q: I’m very attracted to my co-worker — a self-described “happily married man.” We are “friends,” but he always has a warm hug, an interesting...
Do I Look Infatuated In This? And Growing Mold Together
Sept. 16 2015
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 16 — Q: Is there anything inherently bad about getting into a serious relationship quickly? I met this guy about a month ago. We hit it off instantly, became boyfriend and girlfrien
Nappily Ever After And Grisly Bare
Sept. 9 2015
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 9 — Q: I just moved in with my fiance, whose 5-year-old daughter stays with us part of the week. On the evenings she’s at the house, my fiance just goes to sleep, leaving me...
Getting More Exorcise
Sept. 2 2015
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2—Q: I went through a horrible divorce several years ago. Our marriage got very ugly, and I was mainly at fault. I’ve since worked very hard to get my life together and
Wait Lifting And Wuthering Fights
Aug. 26 2015
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26 — Q: I’m a 37-year-old woman, and I’ve always been quick to have sex, but I’m trying to just “date” first. Well, I’ve been on five dates with...
You Luddite Up My Life And Generation Text
Aug. 19 2015
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19 — Q: My boyfriend will text if he’s running late but says texting “isn’t real communication.” He says that if I need to talk, I should call him. I get...
Gone Juan And Err Of Mystery
Aug. 12 2015
WEDNESDAY, Aug 12 — Q: I’m a 20-year-old woman, and for three months last year, I dated a 21-year-old guy. Suddenly, out of the blue, he stopped returning my calls. I spent about a month trying...
A Force To Be Reckoned Whiff And Fifty Shades Of Nay
Aug. 5 2015
WEDNESDAY, Aug 5 — Q: My new boyfriend travels a lot for work. Before he left on this trip, he gave me his weird onesie lounging garment. It’s this disturbing “As Seen On TV” thing...
Lord Of The Ringer And Braggedy Andy
July 29 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 29 — Q: I had an affair with a married man, and we fell madly in love, and he left his wife for me. We’ve been happily married for many years, but recently, I found out that...
Sleepless In Fallujah And Hat Crime
July 22 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 15 — Q: I just broke up with my girlfriend of seven months. We fought constantly, but the sex was amazing. Reviewing my relationships, it seems I have the best sex in the volatile...
Mourning Breath And Jerk du Soleil
July 15 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 15 — Q: I was engaged to a woman 20 years ago. We were in college and in our mid-20s. I realized that I wasn’t ready to get married and called off the engagement. I loved her...

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