Getting More Exorcise
Sept. 2 2015
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2—Q: I went through a horrible divorce several years ago. Our marriage got very ugly, and I was mainly at fault. I’ve since worked very hard to get my life together and
Wait Lifting And Wuthering Fights
Aug. 26 2015
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26 — Q: I’m a 37-year-old woman, and I’ve always been quick to have sex, but I’m trying to just “date” first. Well, I’ve been on five dates with...
You Luddite Up My Life And Generation Text
Aug. 19 2015
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19 — Q: My boyfriend will text if he’s running late but says texting “isn’t real communication.” He says that if I need to talk, I should call him. I get...
Gone Juan And Err Of Mystery
Aug. 12 2015
WEDNESDAY, Aug 12 — Q: I’m a 20-year-old woman, and for three months last year, I dated a 21-year-old guy. Suddenly, out of the blue, he stopped returning my calls. I spent about a month trying...
A Force To Be Reckoned Whiff And Fifty Shades Of Nay
Aug. 5 2015
WEDNESDAY, Aug 5 — Q: My new boyfriend travels a lot for work. Before he left on this trip, he gave me his weird onesie lounging garment. It’s this disturbing “As Seen On TV” thing...
Lord Of The Ringer And Braggedy Andy
July 29 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 29 — Q: I had an affair with a married man, and we fell madly in love, and he left his wife for me. We’ve been happily married for many years, but recently, I found out that...
Sleepless In Fallujah And Hat Crime
July 22 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 15 — Q: I just broke up with my girlfriend of seven months. We fought constantly, but the sex was amazing. Reviewing my relationships, it seems I have the best sex in the volatile...
Mourning Breath And Jerk du Soleil
July 15 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 15 — Q: I was engaged to a woman 20 years ago. We were in college and in our mid-20s. I realized that I wasn’t ready to get married and called off the engagement. I loved her...
Requiem For A Scream And Flee Market Capitalism
July 8 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 8 — Q: I’m a 28-year-old woman in a relationship with a really great guy. The problem is, it started as a hookup, and I faked my orgasm. I didn’t announce I was having...
Emotion Sickness
July 1 2015
WEDNESDAY, July 1 — Q: Last week, my girlfriend was all annoyed about something (something relatively unimportant). I’m normally not a bad listener, but I was getting stressed out just hearing...
Crowd Mary And Grin Acres
June 24 2015
WEDNESDAY, June 24 — Q: I’m trying to take a break from dating and work on myself because I keep ending up with really jerky guys. I’m an extrovert — very social and outgoing —...
Beyond Thunderdomes And Tinder Mercies
June 17 2015
WEDNESDAY, June 17 — Q: I have a great circle of female friends, but one of “the group” has a way of making backhanded comments about my appearance that make me feel bad about myself....
Dork Matter And Break Room With A View
June 10 2015
WEDNESDAY, June 10 — Q: I’m just out of a bad relationship and ready to start dating. I recently met a guy I liked at the mall. There was definitely a physical attraction, and we had a lot...
Owe, Baby, Baby
June 3 2015
WEDNESDAY, June 3 — Q: My girlfriend always cries that she’s “broke.” I just ended up buying her groceries and paying to have her car fixed, and then I discovered by accident that...
Rise And Spine And To Boldly No Where No No Has Gone Before
May 27 2015
WEDNESDAY, May 27 — Q: My fiance is good friends with his ex-girlfriend from college. (We’re all in our 30s.) She isn’t a romantic threat, but she’s become a source of stress. Long...
The File High Club And Feral Hugs
May 20 2015
Q: A year ago, a co-worker I had a crush on made moves on me after hours at work, and we stopped just short of having sex. I saw him as a potential boyfriend, and I emphasized that I was not interested...
The Shoo Must Go On And Socks And The City
May 13 2015
WEDNESDAY, May 13 — Q: I’ve been dating this guy long distance for six months. He’ll often fail to return texts for an entire day or even a few days. I keep breaking up with him, but...
Smells Like Bean Spirit And Meet Joe Blank
May 6 2015
WEDNESDAY, May 6 — Q: My girlfriend of a year is 51 and lovely in most areas — except one: She often passes gas and recently started belching audibly. She is a psychotherapist, dresses nicely,...
All The Single M’ladies And Hitting Rocker Bottom
April 29 2015
WEDNESDAY, April 29 — Q: I read your manners book and loved it. I just feel that for most men, chivalry is dead. Maybe feminism killed it, and maybe men have just gotten lazy. Well, I was staying...
Eat, Pray You’ll Shut Up, Love And Toad Rash
April 22 2015
WEDNESDAY, April 22 — Q: I’ve always been a feelings stuffer, but I’ve been reading about vulnerability creating intimacy, blah, blah, blah, so I’m trying to be an open book. Though...