Shake It Till You Make It
April 15 2015
WEDNESDAY, April 15 — Q: I'm new to online dating. I'm a nice, good-looking guy with a good job, but I have a muscular condition that causes me to shake a lot. I’m not looking to fool anyone,...
Malice In Wonderland and Two Brokeback Girls
April 8 2015
WEDNESDAY, April 8 — Q: My boyfriend has a crazy ex-wife who can’t let go. She is the meanest, most vengeful and manipulative person, initially convincing the 15-year-old son she has with my...
Flee Circus
April 1 2015
WEDNESDAY, April 1 — Q: My mom left when I was young, and my former husband left me, too. Maybe because of this, I’ve noticed that I’m quick to assume that any man I’m seeing is...
Wane Of Terror And Baby Got Backpack
March 25 2015
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25 — Q: I’ve been seeing this guy long distance. I haven’t really been feeling it and kind of let it drop off, thinking he’d get the hint. He keeps texting and...
Eyes That Light Up A Womb
March 18 2015
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 — Q: I’m a 35-year-old guy who’s doing online dating and who’s against having kids for moral reasons. Don’t get me wrong; I love kids. I just don’t...
The Sociopath Of Least Resistance and Dear In The Headlights
March 11 2015
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 — Q: My girlfriend has been hurt, cheated on, and even ripped off in past relationships, and I’m paying the price. If I don’t text back immediately, she is convinced...
The Taming Of The Spew and Wait Management
March 4 2015
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4 — Q: This guy I’m dating usually texts back when I text him. But sometimes, like last night, he doesn’t write back. And I’m just texting stuff like “How...
Hope Fiend and Boys Will Be Decoys
Feb. 25 2015
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 25 — Q: I met this man a few years ago, and it was like a thunderbolt struck us -- the stuff movies are made of. He told me that his female roommate was just a friend. We went on...
The Wicked Witch Of The Westin And Edgar Allan Repo
Feb. 18 2015
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 18 — Q: There's a girl who works at the hotel where my co-workers and I go for drinks. She’s hot and smart and fun, and I really like her and want to ask her out. The problem...
Beak Experience And Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde The Salami
Feb. 11 2015
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 11 — Q: I recently started dating this new girl. I asked her whether her lips and boobs are real (and it turns out they are). However, I did call her out on having a nose job. She...
Stay-At-Home Martyr And Between The Spreadsheets
Feb. 4 2015
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 04 — Q: I just moved in with the love of my life. Her former boyfriend from years ago lives in her downstairs “granny unit.” My girlfriend recently revealed that along...
Rant’s Tomb And Merchant Of Vroom
Jan. 28 2015
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28 — Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. I do fine getting dates, but only first dates. And no, I’m not having sex with guys on the first date, but I still never hear from...
Playing With Mismatches And Seismic Matters
Jan. 21 2015
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 21 — Q: I like this woman I’ve been seeing, but she’s really in love with me. I’ve been clear that I’m not ready to get more serious and that I’m really...
Urning Curve And Demotion Sickness
Jan. 14 2015
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 14 — Q: My boyfriend of eight months was with his ex for almost five years. Unfortunately, she passed two years ago. I have sympathy for him, but occasionally he’ll call me...
Leave Story And Pal Rider
Jan. 7 2015
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 7 — Q: I had an amazing first date with this guy: dinner, a movie, a stroll around the park, and a passionate good-night kiss. That was two weeks ago. Since then, I haven’t...
You’ve Got Bail And Man Of Squeal
Dec. 31 2014
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 31 — Q: I am not attracted to “nice guys.” I’m in my early 30s, and I don’t think I have low self-esteem. I don’t like to be mistreated, either. In fact,...
All Of Meh And I Would Dye For You
Dec. 23 2014
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 23 — Q: I’m a 30-something woman, and my best friend is a guy. We talk and text day and night, and I truly adore him. All our friends think we should be dating, but I don’t...
You Delete Me And Leave Of Absinthe
Dec. 17 2014
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 17 — Q: I’m trying to get over my ex, but I’m constantly checking his Twitter and Facebook pages, and I get really upset. I’ll see pix of women or see that he’s...
The Company You Keep Away And Lawn And Order
Dec. 10 2014
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 10 — Q: I’ve got an intense attraction to this musician I’ve been dating for four months. He’s on the road a lot, plus he’s new to the city and recently out...
American Idle And Jurassic Spark
Dec. 3 2014
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 3 — Q: My girlfriend is beautiful, highly intelligent, and interesting. She’s smart for a living (as a strategic planner in advertising), so I find it sad that she watches so...