Belittle Richard And Skirt Stake
Nov. 26 2014
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26 — Q: My girlfriend says she likes that I’m smart but says I can be “on” too much of the time. For example, if someone pronounces a word wrong or uses it incorrectly,...
Moby Dickhead And Getting Their Clause Into Him
Nov. 19 2014
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 19 — Q: In social situations, my boyfriend will often pretend to have read books I know he hasn’t. He doesn’t just fake it with some casual “Yeah, I read that.”...
Scoot Force And The Awful Poof
Nov. 12 2014
advicegoddess_headshot.jpgWEDNESDAY, NOV. 12 — Q: My husband’s been saving for a motorcycle, and I was excited about riding on the back, hanging on to him — sexy and fun! But then he...
Along Came Polygraph And Shrieking Beauty
Nov. 5 2014
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5 — Q: I’m an aspiring comedian — seriously aspiring — so I’m out most nights doing stand-up. My girlfriend gets upset about all the time I put into this and...
Scold Rush And Zero Dark Flirty
Oct. 29 2014
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 29 — Q: I try to be direct, but my girlfriend often sees this as meanness. For example, when we’re out to dinner, she sometimes takes forever to order when the server is standing...
The Agony Of Delete And Louvre, Actually
Oct. 22 2014
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 22 — Q: I just had the humiliating experience of being dumped via email. I’d been seeing the guy for three months. Just days before, we had a romantic date, and he kept saying...
Knight Terrors And You’ve Got Tail
Oct. 15 2014
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 15 — Q: I’m a woman in my early 30s. I was one of the employees who got laid off after my employer lost a big account. I’ve found a new job, but it’s not on my career...
Will Onesies Never Cease? And Take A Toad Off
Oct. 8 2014
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 8 — Q: My married friend just had a baby and posts what’s essentially the same “Look how cuuute!” shot on Facebook several times daily. Beyond finding this annoyingly...
Fasten Your Bible Belt
Oct. 1 2014
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 1 — Q: My boyfriend and I are spending Christmas with his family. I like them and get along well with them. However, they’re very religious, and he wants me to join them in...
Heavy Meddle And Curl, Interrupted
Sept. 24 2014
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 24 — Q: Is it okay to keep your income a secret from someone you’re dating? I recently started seeing a girl I work with (at an advertising company). She believes women at...
To Leech According To Her Needs And For Whom The Wind Chimes Toll
Sept. 17 2014
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17 — Q: My roommate’s girlfriend is unemployed and just hangs around our place all week, even when he’s at work. (She has her own place but is never there.) She’s...
Whoa Is Me
Sept. 3 2014
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 3 — Q: Last year, after I split up with my girlfriend, the law firm I worked for went belly up. I haven’t been on a date all year. Friends try to set me up, and I keep giving...
Beard-Death Experience And Pouring Him A Scold One
Aug. 27 2014
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 27 — Q: This adorable, smart, funny guy I’m dating was clean-shaven when we first met, but for the past three weeks, he hasn’t shaved much. He has this really weird facial...
MP3’s A Crowd And A Vicious Recycle
Aug. 20 2014
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 20 — Q: I’ve been dating a girl for two months, and I go back and forth from thinking the relationship has legs to wanting to end it. I just had a birthday, and she got me a...
Under New Anger Management And Hot To Tot
Aug. 13 2014
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 13 — Q: When my boyfriend and I started dating, he was kind of a hothead. His first encounter with my friends was a game of touch football on the beach. He and another guy collided,...
I’m With Stupor
Aug. 6 2014
Wednesday, Aug. 6 — Q: A close friend has a drinking problem. His wife kicked him out, he lost his job, and he’s been a lousy father to their 1-year-old son. He begged to stay with me (his...
Empty Shelly And Grate Expectations
July 30 2014
Wednesday, July 30 — Q: My girlfriend of a year is really pretty and sweet, and we love all the same outdoor activities. However, I feel there’s a ceiling on our connection because she lacks...
Cheat Exhaustion And Fling Theory
July 28 2014
Monday, July 28 — Q: My girlfriend and I are mostly happy together, but we have this ongoing fight where she accuses me of wanting to cheat whenever I so much as glance at a woman she perceives to...
Tales From The Cryptic And You May Now Miss The Bride
July 16 2014
advicegoddess_headshot.jpgWednesday, July 16 — Q: My boyfriend of two years got an early birthday present from his sister and her husband: a really expensive, second-row ticket for a major sporting...
Pierre Pressure And You May Now Miss The Bride
July 9 2014
Wednesday, July 9 — Q: I’m an 18-year-old woman, recently asked out by a handsome, charming 34-year-old guy from France. He took me out to a nice restaurant, and everything was wonderful until...