Feb. 12 2014
Wednesday, Feb. 5 — Q: After six years with a lazy and ambitionless boyfriend, I found a funny, loyal, caring boyfriend I love, with a solid career and a good work ethic. He pays his share of our...
A Good Time Was Jihad By All And The Deadliest Kvetch
Feb. 5 2014
Wednesday, Feb. 5 — Q: I’m good friends with the woman next door, but she and her husband fight constantly in front of me and others. Recently, we were all in their car. She was driving, and...
Dinner And A Second Mortgage? And Sigh Tunes
Jan. 22 2014
Wednesday, Jan. 22 — Q: I know you’ve discussed how the guy should pay on the first few dates. I’ve been dating a pretty fabulous woman for a month, and I’m dipping into my savings...
Weirding Bells Are Ringing And Pottery Will Get You Nowhere
Jan. 15 2014
Wednesday, Jan. 15 — Q: I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in four months and haven’t been able to think of a guy to be my date. I recently met a guy at a party. He is the friend of a friend and...
Eat, Pray, Barf And A Ruse By Any Other Name
Jan. 8 2014
Wednesday, Jan. 8 — Q: My girlfriend and I just got back from vacationing in India, where we lived in an ashram (essentially a yoga camp) and she studied yoga and meditation for a month. Since we've...
Down On His Luxe And The Flirt Locker
Jan. 2 2014
Thursday, Jan. 2 — Q: I’ve always loved surprising my wife with expensive jewelry and lavish vacations. However, I lost my job, and my new job pays far less. There’s barely money for...
Kin I See You Naked? And Making Stall Talk
Dec. 26 2013
Thursday, Dec. 26 — Q: I’m 22 and deeply in love with the wrong person — my uncle-in-law (my mom’s sister’s husband). We started confiding in each other, one thing led to...
The Rat Of The Litter And Ex And The City
Dec. 18 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 18 — Q: For two months, I’ve been dating an awesome guy. He does sweet things like leaving cute notes on my windshield, but I worry about how he looks up to his older brother,...
Wimp Daddy And Licking For Love
Dec. 11 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 11 — Q: A woman wrote you about flirting relentlessly with a male classmate who seemed interested in her but may have been too timid to ask her out. You asked her, “If a man...
Flesh Prince
Dec. 4 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 4 — Q: My boyfriend of two years has always disparaged gentlemen's clubs. I truly believed him until he visited his family and I searched Google Maps on his computer for something...
Some Like It Hot Mess And Bad Gratitude
Nov. 27 2013
Wednesday, Nov. 27 — Q: Why do “helpless” women have men constantly doting on them, while women like me are deemed “too strong”? I was raised by a 1970s feminist and single...
Took The Wind Out Of Her Zales And Paradise Lust
Nov. 20 2013
Q: Around Valentine’s Day, my beloved boyfriend of a year kept hinting about a big surprise. He’d been talking about moving in with me, and I was expecting a proposal and a ring. I got a fondue...
Moody Call And The Blurt Locker
Nov. 13 2013
Q: Ten months ago, while studying abroad, I had one wonderful night with a girl. We kissed and danced the night away. She lives in Brazil, but we’ve communicated regularly via Skype and email. I’ve...
Happily Ever Asshole and Mild Kingdom
Nov. 6 2013
Q: My husband of a year is the most selfish, inconsiderate, cold-shouldered man I’ve ever known. He’s 24; I’m 22. He behaved similarly when we were dating, but when he proposed, he made...
The Butt Stops Here
Oct. 30 2013
Q: My husband and I both smoked pot regularly, but I quit several years ago, and he began smoking nightly. I kept encouraging him to quit because it makes him mentally disappear. He goes through periods...
Golden Pond Scum And Soul Mite
Oct. 16 2013
Q: I went to meet my girlfriend’s 90-year-old father. They have a conflicted relationship. He doesn’t “agree” with his daughter’s homosexuality, generally looks down on women,...
Tease For Two And The Blocked Stallion
Oct. 9 2013
Q: I'm dating a wonderful guy I'm totally in love with. He’s always looked up to his older brother, a very attractive guy who’s a real lady’s man. I’ve found myself behaving in...
Social Notworking And Battle Of The Divulge
Oct. 2 2013
Q: My 40-something younger brother has been “friending” my hot female friends on Facebook, women I have befriended in real life whom he’s never even met! I said nothing at first. Then,...
Office Despot And Wane Man
Sept. 25 2013
Q: I just started a new job. My boss and I were having a meeting, and he started asking me about my personal life — whether I have a boyfriend, who I live with. No biggie. He then began grilling...
Another Brick In The Wallow And Sum Girls
Sept. 18 2013
Q: I’ve missed countless opportunities because I fail to speak up in the moment. A pretty girl smiles at me on the bus. Ten minutes later, I will wish I’d stayed on the bus and struck up a...