Pity the poor copy editor who let this one slip by: If you casually glanced at the headline on the Capital Gains site, you might think Michigan State University had resorted to some nefarious means to pay for its new art museum.

"Broads Donate Additional $2 Million to Growing Pot for $45 Million Art Museum"


Wow, who are these broads? Is the art museum going to be a marijuana greenhouse? And isn't there a slightly more politically correct way to refer to them?

The "Broads," of course, are actually Eli and Edythe Broad (the last name rhymes with "road") and the new art musuem, scheduled to start construction in March, is named after them. They are definitely not harvesting weed: The "growing pot" refers to the ever-increasing pool of donated money. Last week, the Broads kicked in another $2 million.

Kudos to City Pulse food writer/theater critic Allan I. Ross for calling this one to our attention.