Brian Rooney, who is seeking the GOP nomination in the 7th Congressional District (Eaton County), is decidedly not offering voters a moderate alternative to either incumbent Democrat Mark Schauer or his Republican opponent, Tim Walberg.

Rooney, 37, sounded like a hard-line conservative on his appearance on �City Pulse on the Air� Wednesday. He extolled the Tea Party movement and labeled the Obama administration a �regime� that practices �one-party rule.�

Citing his experience in Iraq as a Marine captain, he said, �I didn�t fight over there to have nationalized health care or any of these other big government programs.�

Asked if that meant he was also against Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, he said he was just referring to the health care plan that Obama was �trying to push down the American public�s throats.�
Rooney says a cross brought him to Michigan. He was stationed in San Diego when lawyers for the Thomas More Law Center, a public interest law firm, successfully fought the ACLU�s efforts to remove a cross from a war memorial. Conservative Catholic philanthropist and Domino�s Pizza founder Thomas Monaghan started the law center in Ann Arbor. Rooney, a lawyer, quit the Marines and joined the law center.

Rooney cites his business experience as a difference between him and Walberg, saying he serves on the board of the family business, the Pittsburgh Steelers. His grandfather, Art Rooney, started the team. He said he also owns some restaurants with his siblings.
He also said he favors keeping �don�t ask, don�t tell,� claiming that the law is being used mostly by people with �homosexual inclinations� to get themselves mustered out of the military.