March 9 2010 12:00 AM

So, 10-year-old photographer Mikayla Spyker went up against shooters many years her senior in the Perspective 2 show last Sunday — and she did quite nicely.

"Our super photographer submitted two photographs and she won second place in the competition and first place in viewers’ choice," reports Jeana-Dee Allen, who teaches Mikayla's Literacy Through Photography class. "She won $150 and was glowing all day. Her whole family was there to support her.

"More importantly, during photo class she was more talkative than ever. She spent the hour encouraging other students and supporting them in their interests. It’s wonderful to see what a little encouragement can do to a child."

Here is the feature on Mikayla from last week's City Pulse, plus a link to a gallery of images.

Congratulations, Mikayla!