According to a press release issued today by Mayor Virg Bernero's office, the mayor is putting a "for sale" sign on the city-owned 2003 Cadillac CTS. It's a symbol, the release states, of the mayor's commitment to sharing the sacrifice with city employees who he's asking to start working a 36-hour workweek in the upcoming fiscal year.

The CTS, a symbol of local manufacturing pride, but it has been criticized since GM gave the thing to former mayor David Hollister. Subsequent mayors Tony Benavides and Bernero have used the car.

Last April, John Pollard, a regular a Lansing City Council meetings, used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain how much the car costs the city. At some point, this document was given to City Pulse, and I happened to find it two weeks ago while cleaning.

The costs are a bit outlandish - it apparently is washed three times a month at $4 a pop - so it's probably about time the vehicle gets retired.

According to the FOIA:

- In 2006, the city spent $2,703.20 in preventative maintenance, $554.84 in repairs, and $2,108.79 in gas for a total of $5,366.83. Total mileage for that year was 22,463.

- In 2007, the city spent $3,169.14 in preventative maintenance, $7,189.37 in repairs, $2,046.44 in gas, and the car traveled 19,461 miles.

- In 2008, the city spent $1,934.51 in preventative maintenance, $7,990.39 in repairs, $1,952.36 in gas, and $3,502.61 for repair after an accident (the accident was due to the mayor's unfortunate run in with a tornado in summer 2008, where a tree branch punched a hole in the windshield). The car was driven 17,334 miles that year.

The grand total: $33,151.65, not including $432 for car washes - that's probably enough to pay someone's salary. According to Kelley Blue Book, the car is worth about $11,000, and that's assuming it is mint.