Rue the day; Saginaw County sheriff’s deputies now have to coddle medical marijuana patients!

According to this story from the Saginaw News, the department has decided to discontinue it’s POLICY of smashing marijuana grow equipment when they serve search warrants. For real, that was your policy? Break people’s things? If you pull someone over for speeding do you take a sledgehammer to their engine?

The change comes after Edwyn W. Boyke, a 64-year old medical marijuana patient, made public a bunch of photos of his smashed growing equipment.

This quote from Detective Randy P. Pfau is outrageous:

“Instead of destroying property, we’ll take everything in a forfeiture and let a judge make a decision on whether they’re allowed to have that property back or not,” Pfau said.

Oh good, you are going to leave the criminal justice decisions up to the judge. Because you know, Randy, your department seems to have it together.