Remember in 2008 when a local good Samaritan bought up a bunch of billboards that said “Thanks, Tom.”? Well, should we not behave in the same manner now, faced with the reality that the local, beloved sports legend might go to greener (not meant ironically) pastures

Think about it: Tom Izzo is not our mother, oldest friend or spouse. He’s a basketball coach. If the Cavaliers offer Izzo the job and he takes it, we should be glad for him. East Lansing is a great place for Izzo, but imagine if he can work his magic in Cleveland? I mean, next to Detroit and New Orleans, Cleveland might be one of the hardest up cities in America.

He’s been so good for the Spartans, and all the fans around here, that we should think about being gracious to him during this process. Sure, it’ll stink if he goes, but it’s the NBA. The N-B-A. If he was entertaining an offer from Southern Nebraska Central State College (doesn’t really exist), we might have license to gripe.

When I was once a pained Red Sox fan, I nearly tore my hair out when in 2004 they traded Nomar Garciappara to the Cubs for Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz. But the Red Sox still won the World Series that year, and did so again in 2007.

If Izzo goes, let him. Just say, “thanks.”