In addition to mobile phones in addition, CMMB also in the Tablet PC, GPS and other terminal markets. Currently, CMMB standard mobile phone only for the TD-CDMA platform, the data shows ,2008-2010, digital TV related applications accounted for 40% of TD mobile phones. Since 2010, China Mobile hopes to function to promote CMMB TD mobile phone sales. According to China Mobile and China had an exclusive agreement widely spread in the next 3 years, China Mobile will be the only access to CMMB mobile TV operation license operators, China Mobile's commitment to develop 500 million in 2010, the official business users. According to China Mobile's plan, 2011, 6,000,000 TD + CMMB mobile phone will be fully enter the market. Since the constraints of national policy, the amount of TD is basically the amount of the development of the upper limit of CMMB. But this does not prevent terminal manufacturers are beginning to concern the majority of TV mobile phone product development and manufacturing. Six months ago, ZTE issued five "Yue Department" series of TD-CMMB TV mobile phone, launched a comprehensive mobile TV strategy. Products in the large screen, built-in antenna, straight slide, and industrial design aspects of user habits were developed for mobile TV. Apart from ZTE, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Lenovo, Yulong, TCL, including the mobile terminal manufacturers have become the person is the application of CMMB. And several brands and testing involving two years ago, in 2011 introduced new models will be built in the CMMB chip. Siano is responsible for Asian business development vice president Wang Wei dual sim card phones dual sim mobile phones wifi cell phones cell phones with wifi cell phone wifi wifi phone wifi cell quad band cell phone quad band phone unlocked quad band cell phones quad band cell phones quad band unlocked cell phones mobile phone quad band gsm quad band cell phone touch screen cell phone cell phone touch screen cheap touch screen phones samsung touch screen phone touch screen phone new touch screen phones mobile phones touch screen unlocked touch screen phones phone touch screen qwerty keyboard phones qwerty keyboard cell phone phones with qwerty keyboard phone qwerty keyboard samsung qwerty keyboard qwerty keyboard cell phones phone with qwerty keyboard smart phones best smart phone samsung smart phone htc smart phone smart phones for sale the best smart phone buy smart phone smart cell phones cheap smart phone tv phone tv cell phone cell phone tv tv on cell phone cell phone with tv tv on mobile gps cell phone gps cell phone tracking track gps cell phone tracking gps cell phone gps location cell phone, general manager of China that, "CMMB earnings will continue to be the richest part of the content." The company recently launched a number of single-chip, multi-standard mobile TV Stick the receiver and TV and other products, been a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers as well as first-line telecommunications and CMMB broadcasting system operator recognition. But in recent years as technology development, CMMB chip prices fell, had to sell 18 dollars in chips, is now selling price of less than 3 dollars. Currently CMMB industry chain, such as terminal manufacturers, including ZTE information also showed that the hardware.