Feb. 24 2009 12:00 AM

from the Detroit Free Press:

The Detroit City Council rejected the Cobo expansion deal.

"They took so much away from us and said 'just take the deal,'" Conyers said afterward. She said the governor and legislative leaders should craft a new deal with the help of a leader from City Council and should consider using some of the $18 billion in federal stimulus money for the renovation and expansion of Cobo.

I'd like to know who Conyers had in mind to be the "leader from City council."

Also from the Press, Rep. Candice Miller, former Secretary of State, says Guantanamo was "humane." Apparently because this didn't happen while she was there:

The congresswoman praised the “restraint and professionalism” of the people who run and guard the facility, saying she learned while there that the detainees often mix what her office called “cocktails” of urine, feces, and other body fluids to throw at them.

Why am I not surprised she'd find the place to be humane?