We're about three days late with this, but, still, it's a public service.

Radiohead, for whatever reason, released a new song on Monday called "These Are My Twisted Words." It's available for free at the band's Internet store, WASTE (click here to get the song). It's a nice song reminiscent of several tracks on "In Rainbows."

There's speculation that Radiohead might be releasing an EP soon, apprently titled "Wall of Ice." The theory that there's a new EP coming is courtesy of Fansite Atease (which broke TAMTW), the proprietors of which noticed the phrase "Wall of Ice" in several pieces of artwork that come with the TAMTW download.

Who knows ... Thom Yorke told a British media outlet recently that the band won't have any new material coming for a while. But no one really foresaw the release of "In Rainbows" back in 2007, either.