Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy died of brain cancer and a French national captured in Somalia by a militia was freed while Chicago Mayor Richard Daley half apologized for selling his city’s parking meters to a private firm, causing astronomical increases in meter rates. It was discovered that Jessica Biel is the most dangerous thing on the Internet and pop singer Chris Brown has a history of violent behavior. The Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago White Sox, a Red Cross worker was one of 43 killed in a Kandahar bombing, and William J. Williams, a former Cincinnati Reds owner died.

Officials at the city of Decatur, Ga., public utility company shivered at the thought of a petroleum storage facility near a water treatment plant, Americans doubted the government’s readiness to vaccinate against swine flu, astronaut Jose Hernandez expressed dismay over a delay in his first trip into space, and in Milford, Conn., a police officer who killed two civilians in an on-duty drag racing match with a fellow officer returned to work.

In Dearborn, authorities are contemplating criminal charges against a man who kept hundreds of Chihuahuas in his extremely filthy home, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is starting to become “realistic” about the state of that city, and Cedar Springs public safety officials are worried that an emergency siren tower is “dangerously substandard.”

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