Glenn Beck, the star of a clown-themed show on Fox News, will speak to a room full of the state's richest toddlers Tuesday night at the Kellogg Center on Michigan State University's campus, brought to you by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

You may remember Beck from his most recent performances, "Calling Barack Obama a Racist," and "The Art of Paroxysm: Why I'm Rich as Hell." On Tuesday, he'll be performing for the Chamber's "Future and Forum" annual meeting.

In preparation for the event, the MSU College Democrats will be protesting Beck's appearance because he's a raging zit and because he opposes health care reform. The Democrats expect about 200 to protest and will be asking for more Fox News advertisers to drop out of the time slot in which Beck's show airs - as of last count, 62 advertisers had moved their spots to other times during the day (not costing Fox anything) because Beck called Obama a "racist" on Fox and Friends (a show that mainly demonstrates the proper use of crayons).

Color of Change, which started the Beck boycott after the Obama "racist" flap, has advised the Democrats in the protest.

Mitchell Rivard, head of the Democrats, also charges that Beck is getting paid $25,000 for the appearance. Beck's booking agency, Premiere Speakers Bureau, would not confirm that number, but according to their Web site, he requires a private jet. The liberal group Progress Michigan also sent out a press release Monday claiming that Beck is getting $25,000.

"Not only are we disturbed by Beck's lies and deceitful rhetoric, but we also oppose the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for paying $25,000 for Beck's appearance," Rivard said. "This is absurd, in light of the economic troubles in this country and especially in Michigan."

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce did not respond to a request for comment.

(City Pulse intern Eric Freeman contributed to this)