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July 18 2006 12:00 AM
Priorities: The members of Blackened Earth (bassist Greg Snider, pictured) say they’re musicians first and metalheads second. Friday’s grunge tribute will give the latter side full scope. (Courtesy of Blackened Earth)

The items could come in handy at a '90s tribute show that will feature local bands covering hits from icons such as Alice in Chains, Metallica, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Tool.

Dubbed the “Huge MotherF-ing Tribute Show,” the event is sponsored by the Temple Club and Q-106 FM. 

Local bands participating in the event are Blackened Earth, The Death Cheaters, None the Wiser, X-it Point, C.O.R.E., Casual Killer, Full Frontal and Sullivyn.

For some, the night offers an opportunity to dust off old covers mastered in early bands.{mosimage}

Lansing's The Death Cheaters has been primed and ready since singer/guitarist Ed Reyes heard of the event. Reyes and his band will be joined by Lee Sjoberg of 550 for the Friday night performance. The group plans to play some Soundgarden hits, which Reyes and Sjoberg covered in their first band together.

“Lee and I knew it had to be Soundgarden, but we're throwing around songs from each era,” Reyes said.

The Death Cheaters, which also includes bassist Joel Bence and drummer Dustin Pero, said they believe that this weekend's show could give way to something more.

“Grunge is definitely on the cusp of a bit of a revival,” Reyes said.

Bands playing in the Temple's Grand Room will cover selected staples, while bands performing downstairs will play Metallica and Tool hits.

Temple Club Promoter Jerome White said the show was inspired by a similar event that paid homage to music of the 1980s.

To those expecting a tired rehashing of old material, White says the event will add new life to the songs.  He has encouraged all the bands to play the songs in their own style.

“The last time Umphrey's McGee played the Temple Club, they covered two Metallica songs, but it was interesting because they are a jam band,” White said.

Initially many bands wanted to perform their favorite alterna-jams, but the challenges of learning an entire new set in only a month caused some to drop out.

The remaining bands will each have six songs to prove their respective mastery over the dusty genre.

If the event goes well, it could lead to similar tribute nights, White said.

“We're thinking of putting together a power ballad night,” White said.

“So everyone should get working on their versions of 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' next.”

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