Dec. 4 2013
A new short story has brought the writing career of New York Times best seller author Jodi Picoult full circle. The online publisher Byliner recently released “The Color War,” a return to the...
Nov. 22 2013
“The president’s been shot.” No words could be more succinct and terrifying at the same time
Nov. 20 2013
There’s a room on the fourth floor of the Library of Michigan where about 17,000 books are kept in the dark — for a good reason. It’s the Martha W. Griffiths Michigan Rare Book Room,...
Nov. 20 2013
Wednesday, Nov. 20 — Before there was Twitter, 100 years ago the nation was atwitter with another kind of communication that forced you to condense your thoughts into bite-sized piece nuggets of...
Nov. 6 2013
Olympic gold medalist Jordyn Wieber and national pie-baking champion Linda Hundt have more in common than just winning spirits and a shared hometown of DeWitt: One of Hundt’s 52 pie recipes in her...
Nov. 5 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 5 — Sports writer-turned-author John U. Bacon threw a literary touchdown in 2011 with the New York Times bestseller “Three and Out: Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Wolverines,”...
Oct. 16 2013
The inspiration for Gary Stephens’ poem, “Meeting, the Challenge,” belies what one might envision as the romantic muse for a poem. There were no beautiful sunrises or sunsets, no pastoral...
Oct. 16 2013
Wednesday, Oct. 16 — The Historical Society of Greater Lansing takes a look back at local health care at a special event on Thursday. In the late 1800s, Lansing hospitals were so bad nobody would...
Oct. 2 2013
Arlo Guthrie plays the Wharton Center Thursday night at 7:30. The folk legend answered some questions by email about politics, the enduring power of folk music and riding motorcycles at 66
Oct. 2 2013
The table is set for a gourmet treat of fine reading from authors who are as different as Little Debbie and Baked Alaska. Jeffery Deaver is among the leading thriller writers in the world; Josh Kilmer-Purcell...
Sept. 18 2013
What’s your family secret —the one you want no one else to know, the one you’ll take to your grave? Most families have secrets held from even other family members. Maybe it’s a...
Sept. 5 2013
Authors and book artists with a Lansing connection who have been invited to this yeareuro;s festival are childreneuro;s authors Deborah Diesen and Ruth McNally Barshaw, rock euro;n roll writer Steve Miller,...
Aug. 28 2013
John Abbott taught guitar at Marshall Music before he became a writer. He melds his two loves in his debut novel, “The Last Refrain,” about a family musical group that is on the cusp of either...
Aug. 21 2013
A war is raging far away. Two childhood friends sign up together and end up in the same unit. One swears to his friend’s mother that he will bring him back alive, but can he deliver on that promise?
Aug. 7 2013
Edward McClelland purposely chose “Nothin’ But Blue Skies” as the title for his new book on the rise and fall of America’s once great manufacturing cities because it was ambiguous
July 24 2013
In her new novel, "The Art Forger," author B.A. Shapiro crafts a fictionalized account of the extraordinary $500 million art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. Without a single...
July 10 2013
About 10 years ago, the concept of the bucket list, an itemization of either life goals or feats of endurance to accomplish before you kick the proverbial bucket, hit pop culture. Suddenly, aging Baby...
June 26 2013
In 1976, as most of the country was celebrating the nation's bicentennial, baseball fans were rallying behind a Detroit Tigers pitcher with an unusual nickname: Mark "the Bird" Fidrych, who created enough...
June 19 2013
An offbeat idea hatched in a San Francisco hipster bar set journalist and Flint native Gordon Young on a quest to buy a house in his downtrodden hometown. Young's obsession-like love of Flint is the focus...
June 12 2013
Mat Bell's debut novel, "In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods," is popping up on some impressive must-read lists this summer