April 25 2012
Ward, who won the National Book Award in 2011 for “Salvage the Bones,” and Gordon, the 2010 award winner for “Lord of Misrule,” will join 2009 finalist Campbell (“American...
April 11 2012
Mark Twain once umpired a baseball game. Earvin Magic Johnson and a group of investors are willing to pony up $2 billion for the Los Angeles Dodgers
April 4 2012
Estleman still prefers using his 1967 Olympia and his 1923 Underwood to bang out his novels, including his more than 30 books featuring Detroit private eye Amos Walker
March 28 2012
Reverby, the Marion Butler McLean Professor in the History of Ideas and Professor of Women´s and Gender Studies at Wellesley College and an historian of American women, medicine and nursing, speaks...
March 22 2012
He will not be wearing his "Out for Trout" baseball cap: His former boss Michael Moore borrowed the cap for the filming of "Roger and Me" and never gave it back. Moore writes about the theft in the foreword...
March 14 2012
Busch — an artist, actor, soldier and now author — shows his poetic vision of life and death in this unusual memoir, which doesn’t follow the usual conventions. For example, the story...
March 7 2012
Doug Stanton was just outgrowing his "Cat in the Hat" stage when the author Gay Talese, one of the progenitors of the "new journalism" movement, wrote a seminal article for Esquire on Frank Sinatra that...
Feb. 29 2012
Eric Freedman, co author of “Presidents and Black America: A Documentary History,” said the history of the presidency is one of “oversimplification and gentrification.” Freedman...
Feb. 22 2012
Think about how our lives have been enriched by the letters of Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, the Apostle Paul, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, C.S
Feb. 22 2012
The literary world is full of books that began as diaries, journals or caches of letters. "Marley & Me," the best-selling memoir by former newspaper columnist John Grogan, comes immediately to mind. Grogan...
Feb. 8 2012
If the Rust Belt had a capital city, it would be Detroit, where people have been making cars for more than 100 years. That may sound like a Clint Eastwood Super Bowl half-time ad, but Lolita Hernandez,...
Jan. 25 2012
Capital Area Transportation Authority buses traversing mostly along campus routes and down Michigan Avenue will host a moveable feast of poetry, with each bus showcasing interior placards with lines of...
Jan. 18 2012
It’s tough being Jim Daniels. He’s often confused with another Daniels: Jeff, the actor and filmmaker who writes scatological comedies involving flatulence. Jim Daniels’ writing can be...
Jan. 11 2012
All those dresses can be a bit unsettling — "a white blindness nightmare" is what Alyssa Becker, the daughter's owner, sometimes calls it — but "dream" is an apt description, since the dreams...
Jan. 11 2012
When Lansing resident Doug Warren was making the case in front of Lansing City Council last year for renaming Main Street in honor of Malcolm X, he said that if there was a Mount Rushmore for African-Americans,...
Jan. 4 2012
Make room on your bookshelf or e-reader: The Library of Michigan has named the top 20 Michigan Notable Books of the year, and the list represents established and debut authors, books covering topics and...
Dec. 28 2011
When it comes to books, 2011 was the YOH — Year of Hemingway — complete with a masterful collection of letters, a new coffee table book, a book on his first wife and a book on his boat, the...
Dec. 21 2011
In 2007, Zaslow learned that Carnegie Mellon University professor Randy Pausch was about to give his final lecture. An $800 airline ticket to Pittsburgh was a little steep, so Zaslow decided to drive from...
Dec. 14 2011
There s an old saying that when you stop believing in Santa Claus you get books
Dec. 7 2011
Detroit artist Guyton started painting his Heidelberg neighborhood 25 years ago. He had returned to his childhood home after serving in the Army and attending art school, only to find vacant dilapidated...