Nov. 30 2011
In the heyday of the East Lansing Jacobson’s, you could take your kids to Breakfast With Santa or sit down for an elegant dinner in the Asian-inspired 1970 East Room restaurant. As a Michigan State...
Nov. 23 2011
Give ho-ho Hemingway books this holiday season. Several new books on Papa are on every Hemingway lovers list this holiday season and, surprisingly, they provide some new insight into the world of one...
Nov. 16 2011
Voelker, who spent most of his life in the Upper Peninsula, also creates a window into the customs and language of the Cornish mining community around Ishpeming, where he lived
Nov. 9 2011
Since midsummer, the Library of Michigan has been selling more than 75,000 books that were no longer deemed essential for library collections at the state s online auction site ( The...
Nov. 2 2011
A conversation with Jim Harrison is like opening a box of Cracker Jacks. You get to nibble through the delightful crisp kernels knowing a prize awaits: You just won t know what it is until you get there
Oct. 26 2011
Kasischke, who contributed the story “Ghost Anecdote,” says she personally She said she was also impressed by the 27-year-old writer Elizabeth Schmuhl from St. Joseph, whose short story “Belief”...
Oct. 19 2011
The best of times is her recent appointment to director. Hirten, 60, has been with CADL for nine years, starting as a public service librarian in Okemos
Oct. 19 2011
Airgood, who has been working at this quintessential diner in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for more than 20 years, is also an accomplished writer who published her first novel this year
Oct. 12 2011
By BILL CASTANIER National Book Award Winner Kevin Boyle describes himself as an “archives rat” and that’s a good thing for a historian and the author of the award-winning “Arc...
Sept. 28 2011
By BILL CASTANIER So who is this Richard I, also known as Lionheart? Is he the crusader of popular myth from tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men? Was he the aloof, reckless warmonger and anti-Semite...
Sept. 21 2011
The couple is on the road promoting their new book, “A Governor’s Story: A Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future.” The book is on sale this week, and Granholm and Mulhern...
Sept. 14 2011
Detroit writer and 1974 Michigan State University graduate Susan Whitall, who in her new book “Fever: Little Willie John: A Fast Life, Mysterious Death and the Birth of Soul,” makes the legend...
Sept. 7 2011
Mystery lovers get a double shot of love Saturday as two of the hottest mystery writers in North America visit Schuler Books & Music in the Meridian Mall for back-to-back presentations. Both are so good...
Aug. 24 2011
Jonathan Safran Foer has a writing pedigree that can be traced back to his freshman year at Princeton University when his professor, the venerable Joyce Carol Oates, told him he could be a writer
Aug. 3 2011
For more than a decade, Sapphire, the author of “Push,” put a sequel on hold. “I put the ‘The Kid’ on the back burn- er,” she said in a recent telephone inter- view....
July 27 2011
It’s easier to name a major author Bonnie Jo Campbell hasn’t been compared with (Edith Wharton comes to mind) than it is to tick off the long list of writers to whom she’s being compared:...
July 20 2011
East Lansing author R. Charles McLravy knows exactly how many yellow legal pads it will take him to write his next mystery. Writing in longhand might be a lost art, but McLravy figures he filled about...
July 13 2011
In his second book, “Very Bad Men,” Dolan continues to write about the “mean” streets of Ann Arbor, but expands his mystery playground to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. (The...
July 6 2011
Author Kristina Riggle is something of a literary ventriloquist. In her most recent book, “Things We Didn’t Say,” Riggle tells a story from the point of view of six protagonists as they...
June 29 2011
It’s hard to limit the "the books of summer" to 10 so instead I’m giving you 11."The Maltese Falcon," by Dashiell Hammett: The classic tough-guy/noir-detective novel that never loses its appeal....