Nov. 12 2010
Steve Lehto will be reading and signing books at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18 at Schuler Books & Music, 1982 Grand River Ave. in Okemos
Nov. 10 2010
It was 1969, and Lawrence Glazer had only been an attorney for six months when the Office of the Attorney General sent him to a parole hearing in Detroit for professional burglar John Whalen.During the...
Nov. 3 2010
“Dan Hanna wanted to include art from the deepest part of the ocean in the first book,” she said. Hanna and Diesen had never met before the first book was published, but at a joint appearance...
Oct. 27 2010
Florida author Michael Largo (“Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die”) has added “God’s Lunatics” to his repertoire of books that delve into shocking topics....
Oct. 20 2010
Heather Sellers whose memoir, “You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know,” comes out this week is not a friend of Facebook. It’s not that Sellers isn’t social. She loves going to...
Oct. 13 2010
The author said she was inspired by an article on a female lighthouse keeper in Michigan History magazine. Majher said she filed the idea away, and when she became the assistant director of the Michigan...
Oct. 6 2010
You have to go back in time to understand author Richard Kadrey’s inspiration for his Sandman Slim series
Sept. 22 2010
Sandford is especially known for his 20 “Prey” novels featuring Minneapolis detective Lucas Davenport, but he is on the road promoting his relatively new series that features police detective...
Sept. 15 2010
“Zeitoun” follows the nightmarish experience of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a Syrian- American, who stayed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Abdul, as he is called by friends and neighbors,...
Sept. 8 2010
Canadian author Emma Donoghue has written one of the more unusual books you will ever read. A combination of sheer horror and a mother and son’s love, the book is written in the voice of 5-year old...
Sept. 1 2010
In her first book, “Real Life Liars,” Riggle examined the members of a family as they approached various crossroads in their lives. This time, it’s four adult women, three of whom shared...
Aug. 27 2010
Author Eric Jerome Dickey begs you not to judge his new book, “Tempted By Trouble,” by its cover.The dust jacket of his newest book shows an attractive young woman in a seductive pose —...
Aug. 25 2010
With an erudite and knowledgeable essay by music historian and archivist Michael Erlewine wrapped around stunning, never-before-seen black-and-white photographs by Stanley Livingston of virtually every...
Aug. 11 2010
Those experiences all come together in Kittle’s new book, “The Blessing of the Animals,” which explores loss, divorce and the institution of marriage. Kittle says she is a favorite of...
Aug. 4 2010
“Growing up, horror was something for guys,” she said. “I read Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Stephen King.’’
July 28 2010
Gruley’s second book, “The Hanging Tree,” is a masterpiece of detective fiction, with the right amount of blind alleys that leave the outcome always in doubt. The author, who is the Chicago...
July 21 2010
Some of the plotlines may be over the top, but Vernon uses them to convey the central themes of stereotyping, outsiders and survival. The book, set in rural Arkansas during a blizzard, finds the characters...
July 14 2010
It’s easy to picture author Daniel Okrent at a large oak table, huddled over diaries, letters and old books and taking notes with a No. 2 pencil. After all, he spent five years researching his most...
July 7 2010
Fifty years after its publication, "Mockingbird" is still the subject of intense debate. Lee, who never published another novel, has not said a word about the novel’s meaning or offered any insight...
June 30 2010
And as you linger over a cold glass filled with amber liquid, read “Last Call,” the history of Prohibition in this country. The author, Dan Okrent, is a University of Michigan grad and has...