May 11 2017
Without giving away any of the intricate plot details or thrilling action scenes, it’s fair to say that Mason has already sold off most of what makes people human. Readers must come to grips with...
May 4 2017
Just this week, the Society of Professional Journalists awarded Goodman and her team of journalists at Democracy Now!, an independent television and radio news outfit, the 2016 Sigma Delta Chi Award for...
April 26 2017
Jim Harrison loved food. He loved eating it, he loved talking about it and he loved writing about it. So it’s little surprise that the first posthumous book added to his already vast oeuvre is...
April 19 2017
Hinrichsen, who retired from LCC in 2013 after teaching nearly three decades, was announced today as Lansing’s first poet laureate
April 12 2017
“Let me tell you something: From then until I left that prison, in every free moment I had if I was not reading in the library, I was reading on my bunk. You couldn’t have gotten me out of...
April 5 2017
“My ongoing interactions with life-serving women opened a new world to me. A world that I never considered, a world that was not in any life plan for me, a world that I did not know existed.”...
March 29 2017
Last year, Michigan authors and authors writing about Michigan turned out a bumper crop of books, including stories of bird watching, beer barons and baseball. And once again, the Michigan Night for Notables...
March 29 2017
Kathy Johnson, head librarian at Capitol Area District Libraries’ downtown branch, is delaying her retirement one day so she can go out with a bang at the library’s Family Celebration Saturday....
March 15 2017
In the late 1960s, a group of my friends, students at Michigan State University, became enamored by transcendental meditation after attending a free group session. At the time, my other friends and I thought...
March 8 2017
City Pulse caught up with the author while she was at her home in Belleville, Mich., on a respite from a demanding author tour. Jenkins had no inkling she’d be a writer on the road for a book promotion...
March 1 2017
Lansing has numerous hidden gems, many of them hidden in plain sight. A Rally of Writers, an annual gathering of authors, is certainly one of them
Feb. 22 2017
August Snow arrives at his Mexicantown home to find a shoebox-size package on his front stoop. As an ex-Detroit cop, he’s suspicious — and he should be. Snow went “Serpico” on his...
Feb. 15 2017
“Casablanca” allowed Bogart to metaphorically redeem himself from his dark role in “Black Legion,” where he played a nativist and white supremacist who rails against immigration....
Feb. 15 2017
“Four dead in Ohio.” Those four words, from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s hastily recorded protest song “Ohio,” were haunting in their simplicity
Feb. 8 2017
Jim Daniels is back on familiar turf with “Rowing Inland,” a new collection of poetry based on his experiences growing up in Metro Detroit
Feb. 1 2017
MSU Professor and poet Cindy Hunter Morgan’s latest poetry collection is a transformative look at the shipwrecks that dot the Great Lakes. “Harborless,” which comprises 40 poems, is partly...
Jan. 25 2017
On a recent Sunday at the East Lansing Public Library, a seemingly endless stream of patrons poured through the doors to say goodbye to retiring librarian Lezlee Worthington who, in her 25 years at the...
Jan. 18 2017
Lansing already has plenty of trees, and if everything goes according to plan, it will also have its first poet laureate in time for April’s National Poetry Month
Jan. 4 2017
Today’s earbuds seem to be permanently attached to the ears of millions, perhaps billions, of music aficionados. But for music fans of a certain age, the transistor radio was once the cutting edge...
Dec. 28 2016
Like a lot of readers, I’m seduced by pretty pictures in books. So it should be no surprise that three of my favorite books this year were absolutely crammed with photographs of architectural wonders...