Dec. 21 2016
“’Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house …” New Yorker Clement Clarke Moore wrote this famous first line in 1823, and the story has since become a favorite...
Dec. 14 2016
“Stay within the lines” was a common admonition heard by young baby boomers as they worked on their coloring books. (Those stubby crayons were no help.)
Dec. 7 2016
Capital Area District Library’s downtown branch, a prime example of Modernist architecture, is looking to modernize its interior
Nov. 30 2016
Edward McClelland took a linguistic tour of the Midwest while doing research for his new book, “How to Speak Midwestern,” a delightful romp through the dialects and vocabulary of the region....
Nov. 23 2016
You can’t go wrong with any of the new books by blockbuster crime and thriller writers Harlan Coben (“Home”), Lee Child (“Night School”), Patricia Cornwell (“Chaos”),...
Nov. 16 2016
In Native American mythology, coyotes are tricksters and clever troublemakers. So when Connie Ranshaw opened a bookstore featuring books on metaphysics and related items, she named it Coyote Wisdom Bookstore
Nov. 9 2016
Even though Chris Dombrowski grew up in East Lansing, in the county with the fewest lakes in Michigan, he still found a way to fish
Nov. 2 2016
Most authors would be satisfied with a book that sells over 1 million copies, but not Thomas C. Foster of East Lansing. “How to Read Literature Like a Professor,” Foster’s breezy guide...
Oct. 19 2016
In an odd historical coincidence, Lansing had its own Babe Ruth. But while the Great Bambino was swatting home runs for the New York Yankees, Marion “Babe” Weyant Ruth was lying in her backyard,...
Oct. 12 2016
In the late ‘60s, visitors entering the second floor of Detroit’s Grande Ballroom were greeted by waves of pulsating music and an electric light show. They handed a ticket to someone in a bathtub...
Oct. 5 2016
In the late 1940s, the U.S. was still recovering from the toll of World War II. The victory parties were over, and the country needed something to root for. Enter Preston Tucker, an Ypsilanti machinist...
Sept. 28 2016
Quite a few Michigan State University alumni have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. One of the most unlikely movie stars to come out of East Lansing is 1225, a steam engine that spent more than...
Sept. 21 2016
The 1971 Attica prison riot is widely regarded as the nation’s most violent prison disturbance, where merciless prisoners killed hostages and brutally attacked guards who attempted to retake the...
Sept. 21 2016
Berl Schwartz showed an early interest in alternative news. While in high school, Schwartz and his best friend started an alternative high school newspaper as a counterpoint to the school’s, which...
Sept. 14 2016
Growing up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ray Tadgerson was inspired to become a civil engineer by the massive Soo Locks
Sept. 7 2016
If readers pick up “Detroit Hustle” thinking it’s a book about getting rich by flipping houses in Detroit’s depressed housing market, they will be sorely disappointed. But they...
Aug. 31 2016
In “First Star I See Tonight,” Chicago detective Piper Dove gets an assignment to follow former local football star Cooper Graham. She finds herself butting heads with the pigheaded pigskin...
Aug. 24 2016
In 2000, Sonia Nazario, a seasoned news reporter for the Los Angeles Times, had been in contention for a Pulitzer Prize but had never won. But she had no idea that her next big story, the one that would...
Aug. 17 2016
In the late 1980s, Sandra Brown had a difficult decision to make. Brown was a successful romance author writing under three pseudonyms, as well as her own name, when her crossover thriller, “Slow...
Aug. 10 2016
At the height of the Great Depression, Lansing residents were looking for something to cheer for, something to make them smile and take their minds off the dreary circumstances