Aug. 3 2016
In the book’s opening pages, Jack gets a middle-of-the-night phone call from his uncle, Hal. Jack learns that his aunt, Julia, has been hospitalized and is in critical condition, and Hal urges him...
July 20 2016
In Midland author Jeff Vande Zande’s 2010 book, “Threatened Species,” a father kidnaps his son and they embark on a trip through Michigan
July 13 2016
While much of the attention given to Flint recently is focused on the city’s ongoing water crisis, one author is trying to bring some attention to one of the city’s underappreciated gems
July 6 2016
“We’ll rally ‘round the flag, boys.” These lyrics, from George Frederick Root’s 1862 song “Battle Cry of Freedom,” were more than just patriotic fluff for the...
July 6 2016
Kate DiCamillo’s first visit to the library in her hometown of Clermont, Fla., left a lifelong impression on her
June 29 2016
American mystery writer Cara Black travels to Paris twice a year to do research for her successful Aimée Leduc series, which is set in the city. The books feature a hip young detective who often...
June 22 2016
Island enthusiasts have a term, island time, for the way the pace of life changes when you step on an island. From Jamaica to Goat Island, life on the island feels slower, more relaxed and less rigid....
June 15 2016
Bob Tarte has never had a “big year,” but his new book, “Feather Brained,” is a masterfully written beginner’s guide to the hobby of birding
June 8 2016
You’ve probably heard of Detroit’s Purple Gang, and have almost certainly heard about the pervasiveness of the Ku Klux Klan in Detroit during the 1920s. But just as the Klan was being ushered...
June 1 2016
What do you do with a book when it is old, worn out and worthless? Crafty folks fashion old books into tables and playhouses. Others hollow out books to store contraband. Fashion designers have bound old...
May 25 2016
Author Terry Brooks has written the great American novel — more than 35 variations of it, actually — in his groundbreaking career as a fantasy writer
May 18 2016
Williamstonbased author Darcy Woods, 38, weaves the tale of Wil in her debut young adult romance novel, “Summer of Supernovas.” The 17-yearold protagonist lives by her astrological chart. She...
May 11 2016
When Michigan native Steve Hamilton wrote his second stand-alone crime novel, “The Lock Artist,” in 2010, it seemed like a temporary diversion. The author soon returned to his familiar “Alex...
May 4 2016
Southern writer Flannery O’Connor (1925-1964) loved fowl. As a child, she enjoyed teaching chickens to do tricks
April 20 2016
A review in the January 21, 1960, edition of the State News said of MSU Professor Glendon Swarthout’s ”Where the Boys Are,” “It’s a funny book and a serious book and gets...
April 13 2016
In 1961, child star Patty Duke was playing Helen Keller in the Broadway version of “The Miracle Worker” when a meeting was arranged between Duke and the 81-year-old Keller. Duke would later...
March 30 2016
It was a phone call I knew was coming. I was in the garden with my spouse, cleaning up the detritus of winter, giving the tiny buds room to breathe and making it easier for deer to nibble tender tulips,...
March 23 2016
Eight local poets, members of the Lansing Poetry Club, are once again rallying poetry enthusiasts to make the case for a state poet laureate. On March 31, the eve of National Poetry Month, the group will...
March 16 2016
Small’s pastoral home is a long way from his Detroit roots, which he wrote about in his disturbing 2009 graphic memoir, “Stitches,” which was a finalist for the National Book Award and...
March 9 2016
Millions of young people grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie” series — or watching the TV show based on the books — about a young girl growing...