May 17 2017
Off of the turntable comes “Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Rodgers and Hart Songbook,” a 1977 Verve Records reissue of the 1956 double album, complete with lengthy liner notes across the double...
May 17 2017
Good meant sounding thoughtful on difficult issues. Good also meant not going on the offensive, an important factor after nearly 12 years of incumbent Virg Bernero’s bulldog approach. Many people,...
May 4 2017
This new, occasional column is devoted to the Great American Songbook, which comprises the best of popular vocal music from the last century until rock ‘n’ roll took over. Twice a month or...
April 19 2017
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero may as well be called Mayorajuana, given his outspoken support for legalization — even though he claims never to have had even a puff. Bernero’s policy has been to...
April 19 2017
Politicians are trying to balance the future against constituents with a reefer madness mentality who would kill the marijuana business in Lansing if they could. Our likely future mayor, Andy Schor, has...
April 13 2017
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero said today that by reversing its sanctuary city declaration, the City Council has sent a message of “don’t count on us.”
April 12 2017
City and community leaders held a press conference at City Hall this morning, speaking out against against the effort to undo the sanctuary city declaration that the Lansing City Council passed
April 12 2017
Tonight’s meeting is the work of Carol Wood and Judi Brown Clarke. Surprisingly, they voted last week to support the call for sanctuary city status. Until then, they’d indicated that being...
April 11 2017
In a special session requested by Councilwomen Carol Wood and Judi Brown Clarke, the Lansing City Council will meet tomorrow night to reconsider its sanctuary city declaration
April 5 2017
Brown Clarke said in a written statement: “There have been several polls to date, each with varying results. And, we are still a couple of weeks away from the filing deadline and a final slate of...
March 22 2017
On the late February Monday when incumbent Virg Bernero dropped out, Swope wasn’t running. He was “shocked and surprised” by Bernero’s announcement. And he didn’t see how...
March 8 2017
Seats on the Andy Schor Express to City Hall are quickly filling up
March 1 2017
Two Fridays ago, Virg Bernero appeared to be off and running for a fourth term as mayor of Lansing
Feb. 22 2017
Action, not words, is usually what counts. And in normal times, that would be enough on the undocumented immigrant issue
Feb. 15 2017
“Pissy rich guy.” That’s how Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko has described James McClurken, who has filed to run for her seat this year to represent the Fourth Ward
Feb. 1 2017
A reader suggested the southside entrance to the Michigan Avenue stairs to the River Trail as an eyesore because it’s across the street from the Lansing Center and hence creates a bad impression...
Jan. 13 2017
FRIDAY, Jan. 13 — Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer is skeptical of the charges Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has brought against officials in the Flint water crisis. “I don’t
Jan. 11 2017
James McClurken is mad as hell. Mad enough to run for the Lansing City Council
Jan. 4 2017
Flowers are pretty scarce around New Year´s Day, so we decided to celebrate another spin around the sun by picking a bouquet of 10 interesting people who reflect the variety and vitality of life...
Dec. 29 2016
THURSDAY, Dec. 29 — The retirement-minded executive director of Capital Area Community Services thinks Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing would make a fine replacement for him. “I’d...

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