Jan. 13 2017
FRIDAY, Jan. 13 — Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer is skeptical of the charges Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has brought against officials in the Flint water crisis. “I don’t
Jan. 11 2017
James McClurken is mad as hell. Mad enough to run for the Lansing City Council
Jan. 4 2017
Flowers are pretty scarce around New Year´s Day, so we decided to celebrate another spin around the sun by picking a bouquet of 10 interesting people who reflect the variety and vitality of life...
Dec. 29 2016
THURSDAY, Dec. 29 — The retirement-minded executive director of Capital Area Community Services thinks Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing would make a fine replacement for him. “I’d...
Dec. 28 2016
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 28 — Is Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero trying to find state Rep. Andy Schor another job?
Dec. 14 2016
The East Lansing Food Co-op, which has been troubled financially for several years as competition has increased in the healthy food market, has placed its building on the block
Berl caricature
Nov. 23 2016
Lansing preservationists took a licking over the BWL power station, but they are still ticking — maybe even louder
Nov. 16 2016
Todd Heywood’s story about local fallout from the presidential election and my column today demand some amplification
Nov. 16 2016
When I wrote the headline for last week’s cover, which said: “You thought Clinton-Trump was nasty: The 2017 Lansing mayor’s race is coming,” I didn’t think it would be that...
Nov. 10 2016
Lansing City Council President Judi Brown Clarke and her husband, District Judge Hugh Clarke, have complained that this week’s cover of City Pulse was racially derogatory
Oct. 19 2016
Lansing City Pulse’s very first eyesore was almost lost. When we reported on it on July 21, 2004, the house just off Michigan Avenue was under a make safe or demolish order
Oct. 19 2016
They are John Truscott and Kelly Rossman-McKinney, whose politically savvy PR firm, Truscott Rossman, turns 6 years old in January. In this case, he is the Republican and she the Democrat. Truscott was...
Berl caricature
Oct. 12 2016
CATA’s proposal for faster bus service on Michigan and Grand River avenues deserves serious scrutiny, but that’s not what it is receiving from one of its leading critics
Sept. 14 2016
Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum asked the Mason Police Department to investigate Mathews for perjury after Mathews signed an affadavit of identity this year swearing she did not owe any campaign fines or...
Sept. 14 2016
Developers of the long-delayed $380 million Red Cedar Renaissance project said this week that they will agree to a bundle of pointed legal, environmental and tax provisions in exchange for Ingham County...
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Aug. 31 2016
I remember my shock the first time I read a newspaper editorial attacking the paper’s own columnist. The columnist was Joe McGinniss, who went onto a successful career as a nonfiction book writer
Aug. 17 2016
It started with a phone call. My seven-year gig as general manager of The State News had ended — a parting of the ways — and now what? “Maybe I should start a newspaper,” I said...
Aug. 5 2016
FRIDAY, Aug. 5 — Former state Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, expects to decide by the end of March if she will seek the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018. “I’m seriously...
July 27 2016
The ride up the elevator is swift — 20 seconds, one second per floor. Then three flights to the waiting room. The door to the observation deck is heavy. The carillon, the biggest in Texas, is above....
July 20 2016
In June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage — particularly meaningful here in Snyder-Schuette Land, where it was still banned. But in June this year, a homophobic homegrown terrorist...