Sept. 6 2012
For generations, mid-Michigan residents — along with travelers throughout the Midwest — have enjoyed weekend jaunts up to Uncle John's Cider Mill, on US 27 in St. John's. Uncle John's is a...
Aug. 1 2012
German wines do not seem to fly off the shelves in American wine stores, which is a shame because the wines tend to be high-quality, versatile, food-friendly and crowd-pleasing. Perhaps one reason they...
July 5 2012
The Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula dinner at Traverse City's renowned Trattoria Stella on June 7, and the annual Leland Wine and Food Festival — held June 9 — provided perfect venues to...
June 6 2012
The summer festival season is shifting into overdrive. One of the early big events was the annual Michigan Beer and Brat Festival on Memorial Day weekend, held at the base of Crystal Mountain Resort and...
May 2 2012
The familiar “M-22” diamond-shaped sign appearing in hundreds of car windows seems to be as ubiquitous as “My child is an honor student at … ” bumper stickers. Highway M-22...
April 4 2012
The Southern River Rhone Valley region in Southeast France is home to the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, where some of the world’s great red wine is grown. Thanks to hot summers and strong...
March 7 2012
Pinot Noir is renowned as a grape variety that can be challenging to grow and even more challenging to turn into great wine. It is the signature grape of the Burgundy region of France and thrives in cooler...
Jan. 4 2012
France is the most prototypical example of strict growing and labeling regulations, which also simplifies ordering French wine once the rules are understood
Dec. 7 2011
As we turned east off of Napa Valley s Silverado Trail and started the winding trek up Howell Mountain, a brisk brilliant blue-sky day welcomed us to Napa Valley s famed and historic Burgess Cellars. In...
Nov. 2 2011
These wineries boast many medalwinning wines and are attracting loyal followers. Geographically, the northernmost winery on the trail is Burgdorf s Winery, east of Haslett, and the southernmost is J....
Oct. 7 2011
As fall colors explode in full splendor, and freshly picked grapes begin their metamorphosis into fine wine, what better time to enjoy a weekend excursion to one of Michigan’s fine wine trails? And...
Aug. 3 2011
Mark Carlson of Suttons Bay’s Silver Leaf Vineyard poured his 2009 reserve Chardonnay, aged 18 months in French oak. Fans of full malolactic, barrel-aged Chardonnay will enjoy the buttery, vanillatinged...
July 6 2011
Craft beers. Micro brews. Whatever you choose to call them, appreciation for craft-brewed beers and ales and other specialty beverages, such as hard cider and mead, is expanding in Michigan
June 1 2011
Although a variety of wine styles are produced in the Douro, when most people think of port, they think of a sweet red wine, fortified with neutral grape spirits to increase the alcohol content and stop...
May 4 2011
The annual spring media event sponsored April 16 by the Leelanau Peninsula Vintners Association provided ample support for the buzz about the 2010 wine vintage in northwest Michigan
April 6 2011
The recent wine-tasting fundraiser at the Kellogg Center, benefiting the Michigan State University Museum, provided a cornucopia of the wines of the world or the world of wine. But where to start when...
March 16 2011
Tables featuring wines from the Toro, Rias Baixes and Priorato regions of Spain will encourage learning about these high quality but lesser known (in this country) wines
Feb. 2 2011
Despite common parlance, remember that “Champagne,” by definition, must be produced from grapes grown and made into wine in the Champagne region of France. Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain...
Jan. 5 2011
Perhaps the questions most frequently asked of winemakers and proprietors at wine tastings are “How long will it age?” and “What’s the cellar life of this wine?” Of course,...
Dec. 1 2010
The simple answer probably is to drink whatever you enjoy, but the typical holiday meal probably isn’t the best occasion to open a big, burly, tannic Cabernet, or a flabby, low acid white