Sept. 5 2012
If you drive south on Washington Square out of downtown Lansing, just beyond I-496 you'll hit REO Town. At least, you used to. Now you hit a Road Closed sign, a Sidewalk Closed sign, and, to top it all...
Sept. 5 2012
The blues has always been sodden in gloom. Even the late gospel vocalist Mahalia Jackson once said, "Anybody singing the blues is in a deep pit yelling for help." But that’s not true for Twyla Birdsong
Sept. 5 2012
Over 1,000 students are expected to fill the field outside of the MSU Auditorium for the annual Spartan Remix. The free, all-ages event features music from DJ Rod P — the official DJ for the Detroit...
Aug. 31 2012
If moving into your new digs at Michigan State University included lugging heavy boxes of vinyl LPs and guitars up seemingly endless flights of stairs, getting hip to Lansing's music venues should be at...
Aug. 29 2012
Dylan Rogers unlocks the back door of the dilapidated, vacant bar on the outskirts of Old Town, and slowly pushes it open. "Hello! Anybody here?" he shouts, carefully entering, crowbar in one hand, flashlight...
Aug. 29 2012
The notorious "Bill Hicks Hates Hecklers" video on YouTube is as good a crash course in standup comedy etiquette as you can get. In the grainy reel from the '80s, a drunken female heckler shouts, "You...
Aug. 29 2012
City Pulse hosts: Teenage Slumber Party at Mac's The first in a series of upcoming City Pulse-hosted events happens Wednesday at Mac's Bar when Teenage Slumber Party and Catalina Wine Mixer play an early,...
Aug. 23 2012
Living in a small town can be a tad drab, a little too hushed and bit too Mayberry-ish. Perhaps that’s why the city of Mason decides to ditch the quiet life, pitch a beer tent and pump up the volume...
Aug. 22 2012
Think of classic Michigan rock 'n roll, and you'll probably conjure up images of a shirtless Iggy Pop rolling around uninhibited on stage, shrieking into a microphone. Or perhaps you'll imagine MC5 guitarist...
Aug. 22 2012
The third installment of Fusion Shows' Summer Sing-Along happens Friday at The Loft. The series showcases a number of local bands performing a full set of covers from a particular band. This time around,...
Aug. 15 2012
Retirement after a 37-year career would typically be a celebratory affair, with a jubilant going-away party hosted by co-workers and management that would honor the decades of devoted service
Aug. 15 2012
For the casual beer drinker, the story behind the ice-cold suds they just ordered at their local watering hole doesn't weigh too heavily on the mind. For microbrew connoisseurs, however, it's all about...
Aug. 15 2012
The Jackpine Snag, a Lansing-based grungy-doom blues trio, plays one last show Thursday before taking a hiatus from live gigs. The band is made up of Joe Hart (guitar/ vocals), Greg Lamb (bass) and Todd...
Aug. 8 2012
Lora Helou, the festival's associate director, said she respects the Dylan-esque sound, but said the team of organizers is more interested in introducing fascinating faraway cultures to East Lansing
Aug. 8 2012
Phil Denny has no regrets about his drastic career swap. Two years after ditching his day job as vice president for US Capital Mortgage, the Lansing native has adeptly transitioned into his dream job as...
Aug. 8 2012
Bomb the Music Industry! (BtMI), a New York-based DIY musical collective led by songwriter and producer Jeff Rosenstock, returns to Mac's Bar Wednesday for an early, all-ages concert hosted by Fusion Shows
Aug. 1 2012
As Ted Wilson sits in his East Michigan Avenue office wrapping up a late-evening meeting about the Michigan Rock 'N Brew Festival he’s organizing, the DIY promotional method he's implementing proves...
Aug. 1 2012
Genuine alt-country and psychobilly fans may want to check out Slim Cessna’s Auto Club when it stops at Mac's Bar Thursday
July 25 2012
The rigorous tour regimen started not long after the band began garnering buzz for its 2008 debut LP, "Find Me a Drink Home." The band plays its five-year anniversary show Friday at Mac’s bar
July 25 2012
"He is high, high energy — from start to finish," Wilson said. "I don’t know how he blows on a saxophone like that for over an hour. People are going to be shocked by his performance."