Aug. 22 2012
This is no ordinary stone porch that extends the length of the facade of the house. The character-defining feature is made of material with a past
July 25 2012
Surprise! Amongst the garden foliage, a little free library has taken root in the front yard of an East Lansing home just north of Michigan Avenue. Stationed like a small literary sentry, this library...
July 11 2012
Sure, Sears may be the most well known of the American mail-order home companies, but Michigan is home to what was the first and largest: Aladdin Co. of Bay City. Like Kleenex, the Sears brand is the common...
June 27 2012
From the John Dye Water Conditioning Plant to the new cogeneration power plant under construction in REO Town, architecture matters to the BWL
June 13 2012
Gateways are points of entry and departure from the community. Much like the New Cross Road in Georgian London, Lansing’s South Capitol Avenue is a gateway to the mid-Michigan region via Interstate...
May 23 2012
Civic institutions located in easily accessible places have the ability to drive economic development. These buildings and their public spaces can be thriving places of commerce. Adjacent businesses benefit...
April 25 2012
It’s easy to forget how many unique features there are in our communities when you travel the same routes day in and day out. If it isn’t on a main corridor or located right next door to work...
April 11 2012
Lansing residents love their outdoor spaces, clamoring for them at the first waft of warmth. One of these beloved outdoor spaces is the courtyard at Tallulah’s Folly in Old Town. Whether for feasting...
March 28 2012
Even the most unassuming buildings have a special story, whether it’s the architect, owners, design, materials or past events. This home on Sparrow Avenue is a lovely addition to Lansing’s...
March 14 2012
It’s easy to take great design for granted. Take the intersection of Rosewood and West Grand River avenues in East Lansing. It really has it all, and what makes this intersection so great is its...
Feb. 29 2012
You’ve probably never noticed the plinth of erect concrete located in the median of Michigan Avenue on the eastside between Detroit Street and LaSalle Court. It is no ordinary bit of concrete —...
Feb. 15 2012
There’s long-held tradition in naming buildings — Monticello, Farnsworth and Robie, to name a few. Houses are typically named after the first owner or the architect. What do you get when the...
Feb. 1 2012
Opdyke was a Lansing architect who designed this striking modernist cube at 827 N. Washington Ave. Easily overlooked, this diminutive glass and steel box is among the best of the best in Lansing. Flat...
Jan. 18 2012
Architecture is a success when it evokes an emotional response that lifts the spirits. The Turner-Dodge House is without question one of the great architectural beauties of Lansing that just makes you...
Jan. 4 2012
If you’re like most of us, you’ll be using this special time of the year to reflect and renew. Start the New Year with a resolution to grow your appreciation for mid-Michigan architecture....
Dec. 21 2011
Holiday windows are a classic seasonal tradition. Started in the 1800s by department stores like R.H. Macyeuro;s and Marshall Fieldeuro;s, elaborate holiday motifs have graced retail stores from mid-November...
Dec. 7 2011
Michigan may be considered Midwest but its New England heritage is evident in its architecture. There are amazing examples of residential and commercial architecture influenced by the east coast aesthetic,...
Nov. 23 2011
Whether you travel a short distance for a staycation or a long distance, eco-friendly lodging is one of the best ways to carbon offset travel. The Cozy Koi Bed and Breakfast at 720 Seymour St. is the only...
Oct. 26 2011
Cool autumn days are here and Halloween is just around the corner. There is no better way to enjoy the autumn than to stroll through Mason to admire the stunning residential architecture, including the...
Oct. 5 2011
The latest addition to East Lansing’s Chesterfield Hills Neighborhood, 359 University Drive completed in April 2011, is a traditional two-story style house that is aesthetically pleasing to our traditional...