Oct. 12 2011
One of the many difficulties in treating bi-polar disorder is that there is no single drug that works perfectly for everyone; it can take a lot of trial and error to determine what combination of medications...
Oct. 12 2011
“There was a really embarrassing moment in my life when my dad came from work to find me in my underwear, dancing to that Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney song what was it called? ‘Say Say...
Oct. 5 2011
She’s not sure she believes it, though. A 66-year-old South Korean trying to raise her surly 16-year-old grandson, Wook, while toiling as a maid for a wealthy stroke victim, Mija wants very badly...
Sept. 28 2011
By JAMES SANFORD GRAND RAPIDS On this Saturday afternoon, there’s a 15-minute wait just to get into the Grand Rapids Art Museum. But the hundreds of people in line aren’t heading to see an...
Sept. 28 2011
But the fate of the project that brought them together that may not be much of a cause for celebration. “Dream House,” in which Craig and Weisz play a couple spooked by weird goingson in their...
Sept. 21 2011
In my day, it was all about Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer and John Lithgow; in the 2011 version, Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid have taken on the lead roles. When it comes to remakes, it’s...
Sept. 7 2011
Tom Hardy’s brilliance had already brought him a faithful following in his native England by the time director Christopher Nolan cast him as the delightfully deceiver forgery expert in “Inception,”...
Sept. 7 2011
“I’m very fortunate to have one of the funniest and most physically controlled actors around playing Miss Hannigan: Angela Dill,” Croff said. “She has this great, elongated form,...
Aug. 24 2011
The discovery of another planet identical to our own is the starting point for director Mike Cahill’s “Another Earth,” a moody drama that’s not so much science fiction as it is...
Aug. 24 2011
There’s the new news set, which will feature a 110-inch projection screen behind the anchor desk, a couple of new additions to the on-air team and the prospect of going to highdefinition in the fall
Aug. 17 2011
My memories of the 1982 “Conan” were fuzzy, so I took a look at it last weekend. When I say “fuzzy,” I mean literally fuzzy: The only times I had ever tried to watch the movie came...
Aug. 3 2011
Although it may not look like it, “Friends With Benefits,” which opened in January and is now on DVD, and “No Strings Attached,” which is now in theaters, really are two different...
Aug. 3 2011
A sort of Asian variation on “Fried Green Tomatoes,” director Wayne Wang’s “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” contrasts the lives of two pairs of lifelong friends. Snow Flower...
July 27 2011
I was thinking about this two weeks ago when I was watching an alleged comedy called “The Best and the Brightest” (the title, as it turned out, was a double lie)
July 20 2011
No one can accuse Baldori of playing it safe on his first directorial project. “Boogie Stomp” ambitiously weaves together three plotlines: Baldori’s working relation ship and friendship...
July 13 2011
Closing the curtain on a decade of Pottermania
July 7 2011
To connoisseurs of world cinema, the Criterion Collection has long been a treasure trove. The high-quality line of DVDs includes titles from Ingmar Bergman, Louis Malle, Roman Polanski, Charlie Chaplin,...
June 29 2011
That’s because "Monte Carlo" (opening Friday) was initially based on a novel called "Headhunters," a story of four middle-aged Midwestern women on a jaunt through France. It’s now a tale of...
June 22 2011
Most of America is now well aware that "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is opening nationwide next Wednesday (or Tuesday, if you’re willing to spend the extra bucks to see it in IMAX)
June 15 2011
But that was exactly what Holland/ Saugatuck natives Tod Hopwood DePree, Dori DePree, Dana DePree, Kori Eldean and Judy Smith wanted to do in the summer of 1999 in the city of Saugatuck, a place where,...