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Feb. 13 2013
When Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says "everything is on the table" to fix the city's budget problems, it's not entirely true
Feb. 6 2013
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero no longer has a seat on the City Council dais. He'll now sit at a table on the floor when he comes to a meeting
Feb. 6 2013
It all started with committee assignments. When I asked Lansing City Council President Carol Wood on Jan. 29 why Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar — who has served seven years on the Council — was...
Feb. 4 2013
This ain't no shell game. I'm no spin doctor selling you snake oil. Friday marked the end of an era in the Lansing City Council chambers. The smoothest, straightest talking — and most fact-based,...
Jan. 23 2013
It's 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon in REO Town, and it looks more like 1923 than 2013. Dozens of construction workers in fluorescent green jackets are heading toward their cars, filtering out from a massive,...
Jan. 16 2013
Lansing's first homicide of 2013 in plain view of one of the city's surveillance cameras has renewed criticism of their effectiveness. These types of crimes aren't supposed to happen in front of these...
Jan. 16 2013
Twenty years ago, the letterhead on the stationery of The State News said it had a circulation of 38,000. Today, the campus newspaper at Michigan State University publishes 18,500 copies
Jan. 16 2013
Opponents of a proposal to merge Cristo Rey Community Center with St. Vincent Catholic Charities say they've collected about 300 petition signatures against the idea in the past month
Jan. 9 2013
Carol Wood moved two seats to her left on the City Council dais after being elected president last week by her colleagues. But she's still keeping an eye on another seat, one that's a floor below her Council...
Jan. 9 2013
The state has fined Lansing City Councilwoman A'Lynne Robinson's campaign committee $1,000 for not filing a finance report after she was defeated in the August Democratic primary for state representative...
Jan. 9 2013
Bob Robinson has a plan for the rising number of tax-foreclosed properties in Eaton County. Robinson, the newly elected Democratic treasurer there, is looking to do what Ingham and 32 other Michigan counties...
Jan. 2 2013
Last month's legislative lame-duck session changed Michigan law on a variety of fronts — the most headline-worthy being right wing power grabs (see: right to work; emergency managers; abortion rights)
Dec. 26 2012
The three Lansing City Council members seen as reliable support for Mayor Virg Bernero all have at least preliminary opposition to their re-election bids in 2013. Defeats could further endanger Bernero’s...
Dec. 26 2012
Even in the daytime it's hard to miss this gem facing Harrison Road in East Lansing's Glencairn neighborhood. But in the spirit of the holidays, we set out to find some of the best exterior lighting we...
Dec. 19 2012
The Ingham County treasurer says 2012 looks like the "definitive peak" of the housing crisis in Ingham County, with the number of property tax delinquents declining by more than 10 percent from last year...
Dec. 12 2012
Depending on how a case before the U.S. Supreme Court turns out, Amy Hunter may change her birth certificate. Hunter, who was born a male but now identifies as female, has not changed the gender listed...
Dec. 5 2012
If District Judge Hugh Clarke Jr.'s ruling last month dismissing criminal charges against four local dispensary employees provided anything, it was a little piece of mind
Nov. 29 2012
From his third floor balcony downtown, 28-year-old Stephan Moje has a clear view of a vacant, weedy eyesore below. A park might suit the .36-acre lot down there, he wondered last week. Maybe even a garden
Nov. 28 2012
It was a bold statement: Merge Lansing, East Lansing and Lansing Township and I'll be gone. Speaking on the "City Pulse on the Air" radio show Nov. 7, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero's attention turned to Michigan...
Nov. 21 2012
Once a week, about two dozen people with a stake in how the Capital Gateway project unfolds meet in Lansing to talk shop

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