Sept. 5 2012
Whoooooosh. That's the sound of Lansing Township leaving the city of Lansing in the dust on the goal of creating a performing arts center. On Oct. 1, construction is set to start on a 12,000-square-foot,...
Aug. 29 2012
Residents of the Walnut Neighborhood want to move beyond airing their complaints about a 14,000-square-foot pole barn in the neighborhood. Problem is, their corporate neighbor is not showing up to community...
Aug. 29 2012
There will be no resurrecting a convent that stood for over 50 years on the campus of a historic church on the East Side. An official with the Catholic Diocese of Lansing confirmed Monday that the old...
Aug. 22 2012
With a host of outsized personalities involved with the redevelopment of Red Cedar Golf Course, who are the two guys who paired up with well-known developer Joel Ferguson on this ambitious, 61-acre plan...
Aug. 22 2012
Once the neon flashes of an open sign and maybe a cannabis leaf showed plainly in the windows of 41 storefronts across greater Lansing. A half-dozen or so remain. Where once 11 medical marijuana dispensaries...
Aug. 15 2012
If City Council approves putting a new Red Cedar Golf Course proposal on November ballots, what will we get out of it? Nobody really knows
Aug. 8 2012
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Enclosing a front porch to gain extra living space, as seen here at 1915 Harding Ave., is a common practice in cold-climate states. It’s easy to underestimate...
Aug. 8 2012
We’ll never know how Steven Rigby would have wanted this to go down. We do know the Ingham County treasurer and his relatives disagree on how it should
Aug. 4 2012
The speed and the cost of going to court, explaining the process to voters and generally "doing more with less" are concerns of all five judicial candidates looking to fill a vacant seat on Ingham County’s...
Aug. 3 2012
The latest Census figures mean the Ingham County Board of Commissioners will look different next year with redrawn district boundaries and two fewer members, from 16 to 14
Aug. 1 2012
They don't have the amount of public attention as a public safety millage approved in November, but city of Lansing voters face a half-dozen ballot questions on Tuesday, including selling off parkland...
July 25 2012
A public hearing before the City Council was initially scheduled for Monday night, but was canceled after Niowave pulled its request. The Council’s Development and Planning Committee will discuss...
July 25 2012
What do you get when you give a pair of unorthodox politicians an hour each on public access television to bash each other? A lengthy fact-checking mission, for one
July 18 2012
"The idea of tie-bars, I think, makes a lot of sense," Jeffries said following Monday night's Council meeting. Six residents spoke during the meeting against Niowave's new $10 million expansion that has...
July 11 2012
When Niowave Inc. sought to open its headquarters in the old Walnut Street School just west of Old Town, the Lansing City Council granted a special land use permit in 2006 to do so with the understanding...
July 11 2012
To the delight of Lansing officials and Chairman Joe Eitrem, the referendum failed. But late last month, Payment defeated Eitrem 56 percent to 44 percent. Payment believes his efforts at least caused the...
July 5 2012
The mainstream media is heralding Niowave’s multimillion-dollar expansion as an economic savior of the high tech, progressive sort. True enough, but what about the company’s neighbors who have...
June 27 2012
The East Lansing-based Lawton Group has plans for a new four-story, mixed-use apartment and commercial building called Reutter Park Place to replace the old YMCA building, built in 1951, at 301 W. Lenawee...
June 27 2012
Brent Knight owns 20 pairs of historic cuff links. He’s restored a 1955 Thunderbird, a 1946 Lincoln and a 1946 Ford. He’s subscribed to the publication Michigan History for 30 years, and several...
June 20 2012
Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Social activities at the sidewalk level are vital to a community and can be directly proportional to the health of the physical infrastructure. Cafes, markets,...